What happens on your first driving lesson

What happens on the day of your first driving lesson?

The day of your first driving lesson is finally here! It’s very important that you prepare as much as you can for your driving lessons, to make sure you get the most out of them as possible. We do recommend that your first driving lesson is at least 2 hours long - this gives enough time to learn basic control of the car and begin driving! Here is our rough guide about what to expect from your first driving lesson.

Make sure you’re ready when your instructor comes to collect you. Keep an eye outside - some instructors will ring your doorbell, some will wait in the car and assume you know they’re there, and some might call your phone to let you know that they have arrived. Getting out as soon as they’re there might give you a few minutes extra of lesson time!

  On your first lesson, you won’t have to get straight in the driver's seat, so don’t panic! You’ll start by getting in the passenger seat, and your instructor is likely to drive you to a quiet location, which is where you will learn the basics. On the way there, your instructor is likely to ask if you’ve had any previous driving experience, such as driving in your parents car, whether you have any knowledge of how the car works etc.

When you’ve arrived at the safe location, you will switch seats so that you’re in the driver's seat. Your instructor will then give you a run through of the controls; the clutch, accelerator and brake as well as how to change gear and use the handbrake/indicator. These are all vital parts of the car and you will need to use all of these things when you move off.

  Once you’ve understood the basics (and don’t be afraid to ask questions!) it's time to drive. On your first lesson, most people cover:
  • Moving off, including getting used to gears
  • Correct clutch control including learning about the biting point and how to find it
  • Mirrors - when and how to check them correctly, as well as blind spots and their locations
  • Using your indicators and when you use them
  • Stopping the car and getting used to the brakes
  • Curb-side parking

At the end of your first lesson, your instructor will ask you if you’ve got any questions as well as run through what topics you covered in the lesson. Your instructor may then may discuss what you will be covering in your next lesson. And that’s it - your first driving lesson is done. You should now have an idea of how to move off, stop, and how to efficiently use mirrors/indicators.   

Whilst learning how to drive - don’t panic about getting something wrong. Your instructor will explain what you did wrong and show you how to improve. We wish you luck on your first driving lessons!