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20 / 01 / 22

What is a Pass Plus course?

 What is a Pass Plus course?

You might have seen Pass Plus advertised on our website, or you might have heard of it through friends and family, but there is often confusion around what a Pass Plus course actually is.


A Pass Course is normally a 6 hour long course, which can be split over multiple days, with no test at the end. It is known to improve drivers skills so that they can be a safer driver on the open road. A Pass Plus course can be taken at any time. However according to the DVLA, it is most useful to drivers in their first year of having a full driving licence.

Completing a Pass Plus course has been known to lower your insurance premium. This is because insurers see you as a safer driver, and therefore less likely to have an accident.

The instructor that conducts the course does need to be a registered approved driving instructor. All of our instructors are approved ADI’s!

What does Pass Plus entail?


As said above, Pass Plus is normally a 6 hour course. In these 6 hours, you will covers things such as:

  • All weather conditions. Such as heavy rain, fog and icy conditions – learning how to prevent skidding would be covered in this section, which can be very handy in the UK!
  • Rural roads. You may or may not live in a rural area, but either way the instructor would go through how to handle sharp corners, farm vehicles, debris etc.
  • Dual carriageways. You will have covered this in your driving lessons prior to passing your practical test, however you might not feel 100% confident with them.
  • Motorways. Although you can now go on motorways with ADI’s, you likely wouldn’t have spent much time on them, or even covered them at all.
  • High traffic areas, such as town centres. This part of pass plus helps you to brush up on your observational skills and increase awareness.
  • At night time. Driving at night time is inevitable, and something you might not have covered on your driving lessons. Especially if you were learning to drive in the summer months.


You do not have to take a test to pass this course. You only have to reach the required standard in all areas. This shouldn’t be a worry if you have passed the practical driving test.


What happens after I’ve completed my Pass Plus course?


After you’ve completed your Pass Plus course, you receive a training report from your instructor to state that you have reached the required standard of driving to pass this course. Both yourself and your instructor sign the form. If you would like a Pass Plus certificate, you have to apply for one by contacting the DVSA through their dedicated Pass Plus team.


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