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24 / 02 / 20

Tips on passing your theory test 📚

Whether you learn to drive with an individual instructor or an official driving school, before you pass your driving test, you will need to complete your theory test successfully.

The theory test can be a big thing for some people as it is like a school exam, which brings its own pressures and anxieties, so allow us to give you some tips on how to pass your theory test.


Thorough research

When taking your theory test, you will be faced with 50 multiple choice questions from a selection of over 1,000 possibilities. You require at least 43 correct answers in order to get a pass mark, but you will not know until the day what questions you will have. Luckily for you, there are books and courses available online that are full of example questions, allowing you to build some confidence ahead of your actual test!

Do not neglect hazard spotting as part of your research though. This is a very important part of the theory test, so while the multiple choice questions may sound daunting, it is vital that you brush up on your hazard spotting too.


Complete a mock test

Not only are there books that will give you similar questions, but there are also places that can provide you with a full mock test of the multiple choice segment you will face on the big day. This is a perfect way to prepare for the real thing.


Use practice time wisely

When you arrive at the test centre before your theory test, you get 15 minutes to get used to things like the touch screen and see how the questions are laid out. Use this time wisely and make sure to raise anything you are unsure about before the test begins.


Focus between sections

Your theory test comes in two sections – there is the multiple-choice questions section and then the hazard perception section. In between the two, you get three minutes for a mini-break. Use this time to leave the multiple choice thinking behind, and focus properly on hazard perception to ensure the best chance of success.

If you would like to undergo a course to give you more confidence, or enrol on one of our leading driving courses, check out this link for the wide range that we offer and our prices.


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