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11 / 03 / 20

Tip to pass your practical driving test 🚗

The thought of sitting your practical driving test can be rather daunting. After all, you have around just 40 minutes to show off your skills and you’ll understandably be desperate not to let the opportunity slip through your fingertips. It’s your knowledge of the road and ability behind the wheel that will largely determine whether or not you walk away at the end successfully, but the following tips should increase the likelihood of passing your practical driving test.



You’ll need a good night’s sleep the night before, followed by some stress-free downtime in the hours before your test. This will increase your concentration levels, making it easier to digest information and rely on your natural instincts when you’re asked to do something by your examiner.



You should avoid the impulse to think you’ve failed after one wrong move. It might knock your confidence slightly, but you shouldn’t simply throw in the towel because it might not be the ‘major’ fault that you imagine it to be. The best plan of action is always to stay positive and imagine that there’s still everything to play for until the final minute.



It’s in your interest to open up the lines of communication with your examiner. You don’t necessarily have to start a conversation with them, but you should be comfortable asking them to repeat or clarify information if you’ve either misheard it or misunderstood. Don’t be afraid to make your voice heard.



The biggest difference between your lessons and your test will be that an examiner will be noting down information while you drive. This can be rather distracting, but under no circumstances should you glance towards the paper. Your eyes should remain firmly on the road instead of trying to take a sneak peek at how you’re being scored.


What else can you do?

The best thing to do in the weeks ahead of your practical test is to complete an intensive driving course. Using a driving school like National Intensive, you’ll be able to accumulate all the skills you need in a super quick timeframe – in the process making you better equipped and more confident to pass your test. Be sure to get in touch for more information.



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