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  • The course is suitable for everybody, we can tailor the pace for fast learners and slower learners
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  • FREE Theory Test Pro Revision Access
  • Manual and Automatic gears available


QUICK COURSE – 5 HOURS with test

Handy for those who:

* Failed a test recently but did well and need a quick re-test.
* Have driven illegally / been banned and need a brush up on key skills and a quick test.
* Or have completed almost everything as a learner driver but need a quick test.

QUICK COURSE – 10 HOURS with test

This course is aimed at people who are not far off an overall safe standard. Ideal if:

* You failed recently but did ok on test and need a quick re-test.
* You have done a lot of driving lessons and have had professional advice that you are close to test standard.
* You have been at test standard or took a test in the past 12 months but not driven recently.

QUICK COURSE – 15 HOURS with test

This course is for learners who have good control of the vehicle but require improvement on Manoeuvres and complicated traffic systems. Ideal if you have had 20 or more lessons off an instructor in the recent past, or are not too far off an overall good standard of driving with the practice you have had. Also Ideal for those who were at test standard but who haven’t driven in a year or two.


This course for pupils with safe basic control of the vehicle and have attempted some manoeuvres. Ideal for those who have:

* Had 15 – 20 lessons in the past?
* Driven years ago but stopped?
* Learned only basic reversing or none at all?


This course is suitable for pupils who have had a little driving experience. Ideal for those who have:

* Had 10 – 15 hours of driving lessons in the past?
* Driven years ago and stopped?
* Can move off, stop and safely change gears, approach junctions reasonably safely? If any of the above applies you should be able to take this course.

For pupils who can move off and stop the vehicle using the Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre routine and have okay steering control, or really confident beginners only.

BEGINNERS COURSE – 35 HOURS – 45 Hours with test
These courses starting at 35 hours are designed for the average learner who learns co-ordination based skills reasonably well and have very little or no experience behind the wheel.

Add more hours to make it 40 if you have a little less confidence with no experience behind the wheel.

For even more peace of mind, the 45 hour option is designed for anybody who knows that driving may not come to them naturally and want as much time as possible behind the wheel.


All the benefits of a 1 day driving course without the pressure of having to take the test at the end. Ideal for those who want training and a thorough assessment of their driving by one of our fully qualified driving instructors, prior to booking more lessons and the practical test.

PASS PLUS (no test)

Pass plus is about gaining more advanced experience, for example on motorways and in more challenging situations you may not have faced on your regular driving lessons, such as night driving, bad weather, country roads and motorway driving.

The Pass plus 6 hour course is £210 and can be booked when booking your driving course. Discounts with your car insurance company may be available once have completed this course

Start 2019 with a BANG and pass your test with us. You could even PASS BY EASTER if you book today!

*FREE RETEST FEE OFFER terms and conditions: We will pay the test fee for 1 practical retest fee (£62). It will be discounted off the 5-hour retest course on check out - saving you £62! this offer is valid for all new course bookings from 17/01/2019 until further notice, no cash alternative.