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22 / 02 / 22

Pay by Instalments for an Intensive Driving Course

 Pay by Instalments for an Intensive Driving Course

Learning to drive can be expensive – according to U switch, the average learner spends £1,676 on driving lessons. This is likely with private tuition done outside of professional lessons! On top of driving lessons, there are also additional costs, such as:

Provisional licence – these are £34 if you apply online, and £43 for postal applications.
Theory test – these cost £23, which is paid each time you take your theory test – so try your best to pass it first time! If you’re struggling with your theory test, why not check out our theory training workshop?
Theory training apps – these are known to be very useful and allow you to revise on your smartphone – these apps normally range from £1 to £10, however if booking a theory test through us, then we provide you with our Theory Test Pro app to help you revise!
Practical driving test – these cost £62 for weekday test, and £75 for a weekend test.
A car – although not necessary, having your own car can be very useful when learning to drive. Especially if you have family/friends that can take you out outside of your lessons with an instructor. On average, people spend £3,400 on their first car.

This is why we are now offering ‘Pay by Instalments’! We believe that this will help those that cannot, for whatever reason, pay the deposit for one of our courses. When paying by Instalments, a £250 deposit is required to secure your course – and then the further payments can be paid over 1-6 months. Please note, if payment by instalments, your estimated completion date might vary to those on the website as lessons cannot be started until all payments have been received.

The cost of driving lessons vs Intensive Driving Course

The cost of single hour driving lessons do depend on the area, at the moment instructors are charging up to £50 per hour. It is recommended that learner drivers have at least 40 hours of driving experience before taking a practical test. Due to the continued effect of the pandemic on the learner driver industry, there is a big shortage of driving instructors and tests. We hope that this will change as life returns to normal and the backlog is reduced, but trying to find a test date, as well as finding a local instructor with availability for them to take you to your test, is proving hard for learner drivers that are desperate to pass. This is why taking an intensive course can make a stressful situation easier.

How do I pay by instalments for my driving course?

When paying by instalments, a £250 deposit is required to secure your course – payment plans can then be arranged over 1-6 months, depending on when you would like to complete your course by. You choose how long you’d like to spread your course over, however please bare in mind that you cannot start lessons until all payments have been paid in full.


To see more information on how to pay by instalments for one of our semi intensive or intensive driving courses, please head HERE.



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