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15 / 12 / 21

Our Intensive Driving Courses – All You Need To Know

Our Intensive Driving Courses – All You Need To Know

Here At National Intensive

We offer both semi-intensive and intensive driving courses. We pride ourselves in having a pass rate of 83%, which is much higher than the national average. If having such a high pass rate doesn’t convince you that a driving course is right for you, then this blog will!

Wondering Where We Cover?

We cover England, Scotland and Wales, from Northumberland to Kent to Cornwall!

What Do The DVSA Think?

According to the dvsa, learner drivers need an average of 47 lessons before they are ready for the practical driving test. National Intensive has specialised in driving courses for 13 years, and we find that on average, our pupils find that our 37.5-hour course is perfect for a confident complete beginner.

The Theory Test

Haven’t passed your theory test?. Do not fear, the theory test and theory training can be included in our courses!

Why Intensive Courses Are Beneficial

Completing your course intensively could mean you go from a complete beginner driver, to test ready in 2 weeks or less. As well as offering courses for complete beginners, we offer courses for all levels of learner drivers – with courses as small as 5 hours. For us to recommend you a course, either head HERE or call us on 0161 204 3814 where our friendly advisors will be happy to assist. If you have a fuller schedule and don’t have the time for an intensive course, then we do offer semi-intensive courses for courses that are 15 hours or longer. Our semi-intensive courses are completed over 3-8 weeks, in the lead up to your estimated completion date.



We are aware there are a few common misconceptions around intensive driving courses, so we thought we would address these to put your mind at ease:

If I do a driving course, I won’t get to drive in different conditions…

This is incorrect. Our instructors are happy to offer nighttime driving lessons, especially if this is something you feel uncomfortable with. They would also answer any questions you might have about hazardous weather conditions, such as snow and high wind. Even if you were to do lessons normally, with 1-2 lessons per week over multiple months, you are still likely to not drive in all weather conditions.

They are expensive!

Again, this is not true. We are a premium service, which is why our courses might seem more expensive, however, we offer all-in-one services and are mainly tailored for those that want to learn to drive and pass their test quickly.

If I fail, I will have wasted all the money!

Absolutely not! An instructor will not put you through a test unless you are ‘test ready’, so if you did, unfortunately, fail it is likely to be a very minor mistake. If you do sadly fail, then we offer 5-hour retest courses where the price of the practical test is deducted off to essentially make your second test, and every test after that, fee-free.

What Is The Process After Booking A Course?

After booking your intensive course, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to get your course ready! Below are the steps that we normally take, however this may slightly differ on a case by case basis.


  • Pupil fills a booking form out online and pays the deposit to secure the booking.
  • A confirmation email is sent to the pupil.
  • We then look to book your theory test as soon as possible (if applicable) – this is due to the fact that we cannot search for the practical test without having the theory test passed.
  • Online zoom theory training session goes ahead (if applicable) as close to your theory test date as possible.
  • This is when we book the all-important practical test at one of your local test centres.
  • Allocation of a local driving instructor, who will teach you to drive and take you to your practical test.
  • We will put you in contact with your allocated instructor where we discuss your lesson schedule directly with them.
  • Your lessons will take place in your local area, where your instructor will offer home pickup and drop off.
  • On the all-important test day, your instructor will pick you up from your home address, and you will likely do an hour lesson in the car before the test. This allows you to iron out all of the silly mistakes, go over any questions you might have about the test, but also gives you enough time to relax and feel as comfortable as possible in the car.

Intensive courses are definitely beneficial to most people


  • Learn to drive and pass in weeks, rather than the typical 1-2 lessons a week over 6 months or more.
  • The huge potential to save money, as we have such a high pass rate.
  • The learning process is often easier as the information is retained quicker. We condense all the information you need into a short time, which keeps it fresh in your mind.
  • Fast track driving tests – working off cancellation systems to search for the earliest test date.

    Find more information about intensive driving courses from the RAC – Should I take an intensive driving course?


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