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Online Theory Training Workshop

08 / 06 / 22

Online Theory Training Workshop by National Intensive


Revising for your theory test can be particularly difficult – a lot of us are procrastinators, and many people assume the theory test is basic knowledge. Because of this, the pass rate for the theory test is just 47.7% – this means that slightly over half of all people that take the theory test fail it. Not quite sure what the theory test is, and what it entails? Read our blog post about it here! This is why National Intensive created an ‘Online Theory Training Workshop’ – this is a 2.5 hour session completed from the comfort of your own home, which is ran by one of our driving instructors, Yad. Yad has been a driving instructor for many years, and now offers his expertise to our pupils to help them pass their theory test first time. This course is only £34.99, which is an absolute steal for the information you get!


What is covered in your Online Theory Workshop?

In the theory training session, Yad covers both the multiple choice section, and the hazard perception section. The most difficult topics and questions are covered, which are the parts most people commonly slip up on. As Yad is a driving instructor, you get a driving instructors perspective from someone who has been in the learner driver industry for over 15 years.

Most of the topics that can occur in the theory test are covered in this workshop – from road signs, to a general Q&A session at the end. The instructor discusses his top tips for the theory test, and tips for how to prepare for the theory test. There has also recently been some Highway Code Changes – these are also covered so that you’re also prepared to be out on the open road.


Why do I want to pass my theory test first time?

With our courses, our aim is to get you your full driving licence as quickly as possible. Passing the theory test as quickly as possible means the likelihood of us getting an earlier practical test date increases – this is because we cannot book you a practical test without the theory test being passed first. Passing first time will also save you money, as rebooking a theory test would be an additional £35, plus the time and money travelling to the test centre. Booking our online zoom workshop could mean you can book fewer driving lessons before being ready for a driving test, and it could help you to become a much better driver with fewer questions when you pass.

If you have not yet passed the theory test, we recommend adding this to your driving course, as well as our Online Theory Workshop. We find the earlier test dates to allow you to get on the open road as quickly as possible! To add this product to your course, just simply select it when booking your driving course online. We have weekend and weekdays available, starting from 17:00pm on weekdays or starting from 09:30am on a weekend – so we have something to suit everyone!


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