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19 / 10 / 22

Intensive Driving Courses In St Albans

Most people think driving is easy, but when they practically drive, they encounter accidents. This is because they lack basic driving skills and are unaware of driving etiquette. You must be conscious while driving as you are surrounded by other vehicles. Reckless driving may result in serious accidents. Driving around the main city causes beginners to lose confidence, and the fear of bumping into any car gets high.

Are you willing to learn to drive but don’t know where to begin? Then it’s time to take an Intensive Driving Courses. The course helps you boost your confidence and make you ready to drive around the central city. From the primary education of driving to road sense and technical aspects of driving, intensive driving classes make you a great driver.

Theory Test Centres in St Albans: 

Are you unaware of any theory test centres? St Albans has a theory test centre located at 2.3 mi | 51 Ringway Rd, St. Albans, AL2 2RE. The centre is highly recommended for theory tests because it has a huge parking lot and a waiting area. You can also check out other centres that are in your surrounding areas: Redbourn, Harpenden, Shenley, and Radlett.

Practical Test Centres in St Albans:

Now you don’t have to stress over finding practical test centres in St Albans. To make it easier for you, we have found a practical test centre in the middle of the town centre. The practical test centre is based in Beaver House on Bricket Road. If you find it far from your home, you may consider other centres, such as Swanton, Fairfield, Fairfax, etc.

St Albans Driving Test Pass Rates:

Passing a driving test in St Albans is not a piece of cake. One must practice a lot before taking a driving test to pass the test. According to a survey, on average, 45% successfully clear the St Albans driving test. This is because the driving test is quite hard, and most people end up failing the test. This is why people are instructed to read the guidebook before taking the test to understand the fundamentals of driving. This helps in clearing the test.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

Now that you have successfully acquired your driving license, the next step is to look for landmarks where you can go and enjoy your great accomplishment. St Albans is full of beautiful places you can explore individually or with your family. It includes historic places, adventurous places, and great amusement parks. Here I’m going to list down all the places where you can visit and explore the beauty of St Albans:

1) St Albans Cathedral and Abbey Church:

St Albans Cathedral and Abbey Church are considered as one the most attractive locations to explore. The infrastructure and the ambience of the church are mind-blowing. The best part of the church that attracts people is that there is no entry fee. Although, donations or any purchases made in the church are highly appreciated. The church is one of the oldest sites of Christian history, with over 1700 years of worship. The church has been changed and renovated multiple times. It’s a must-visit place for everyone.

2) St Albans Clock Tower:

St Albans Clock Tower was constructed in the 14th century and is a famous meeting landmark for locals. The tower can be climbed and offers views of the nearby market and St Albans Cathedral. As the morning light hits the tower, the view is astonishing and grabs attention.

The tower was built to protest against the power of the nearby abbey. The tower is the only remaining medieval building in England. This is what makes the tower unique and an attractive place to explore.

3) St Albans Marketplace / Charter Market:

Are you a shopaholic? If yes, St Alban’s marketplace is for you. The charter market has numerous shops where you can get any item, from fabric to flowers, at an affordable price. The market operates every Wednesday and Saturday. There is also another marketplace called farmers market places which operates every second Sunday of the month; if you are looking to buy anything, head to St Alban’s Marketplace and get your desired products.

4) Verulamium park and Verulamium lake:

If you are seeking a natural place to walk around, Verulamium park is the perfect place for it. People also bring their dogs along to walk. The park has several ponds with bridges, including the main Verulamium lake. The park inherited its name from the former roman title of St Albans. Few elements of the Roman settlement can still be seen in the park. The park includes modern-day activities such as boat riding, a cafe, and free toilets.

5) The Abbey Gate, Romeland:

The Abbey gate is a part of a grammar school where visitors are greeted by the sounds of school children and a piano player at the back. The Gate is next to St Alban’s Cathedral and was built in the 14th century. Over the years, the Gate has been used for many purposes, such as jail. On a sunny morning, the Gate provides a great opportunity for tourists to take pictures as the photo results are remarkable. Keep in mind that the Gate is now used as a school, and the building is not open to the public.


How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

Learning and acquiring skills to drive is essential in the modern world. Without driving, you can’t survive. Travelling from one place to another would become hard for you if you don’t know how to drive. It is understood that the driving process requires effort and is filled with fear and failures. To become a pro at driving, you have to practice for hours.

At National Intensive, we offer intensive driving lessons in St Albans to beginners who want to learn driving. We understand driving is tough, but our instructors are proficient at driving. Our instructors are backed by years of experience training beginners and making them expert drivers. From the basics of driving to advanced concepts, our instructors’ guidance and training help people pass their driving tests.

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