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22 / 08 / 23

Intensive Driving Courses in Plymouth

Driving is a talent, a need, and a ticket to freedom for many people. But what if your hectic schedule prevents you from spreading your tiresome driving lessons over several months?

Or do you wish to start driving as soon as possible? The answer is simple: take intense driving classes in Plymouth. The popularity of these expedited routes to obtaining a driver’s license is rising and for a good reason.

Plymouth, located in the UK’s Ocean City, offers a staggering array of possibilities for those seeking to live on the fast track.

Let’s go through every aspect of an intensive driving lesson in Plymouth to get you buckled up and moving toward your driving objectives.

Theory Test Centres in Plymouth

The theory test is a crucial step in the exciting process of obtaining a driving license. The Plymouth Theory Test Center is located in the centre of Plymouth, which serves as a gateway to Devon and Cornwall.

The actual start of your quest is here! Following is the theory test centre in Plymouth with its details.

Plymouth Theory Test Centre

You can take your UK driving theory exam at the Plymouth Theory Test Center. Civic Center Garage is the closest parking lot, only a 3-minute walk from the testing facility. Athenaeum Place is the closest bus station, only a 2-minute stroll from the examination centre.

Don’t forget to bring a valid ID (often your driver’s license with a photo ID) to the testing centre. Here’s the full address: Plymouth Theory Test Centre, Floor 2, Cobourg House, Mayflower Street, Plymouth PL1 1DJ.

Practical Test Centres in Plymouth

Are you ready to take your driving test in Plymouth? If so, you must know where to go and what to expect. This piece of information will help you find your destination.

At a practical test centre, you’ll undergo the practical driving test, which includes an eyesight check, ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions, general driving ability, vehicle reversing, and independent driving sections. There are two practical driving test centres in Plymouth:

Plymouth Driving Test Centre

Plymouth’s maritime location means that the roads and transit systems you’ll be tested on may vary from those you’d encounter inland. Highways with an “A” designation, such as the A38, and residential streets are in mind.

Complex roundabouts, crossroads, and even one-way streets can be navigated in the heart of Plymouth. Bring your UK driver’s license, theory test certificate, and appointment letter (if you have one) with you on the test day.

Plymouth LGV Test Centre

About 5 miles outside of Plymouth’s downtown, in the neighbourhood of Agaton Fort, is where you’ll find the Plymouth LGV Test Center.

The examination facility is situated on a peaceful street, and parking is provided at no cost. The exam centre has convenient access to public transportation, including frequent bus and train services.

Remember that not all standard driving test locations are geared up to administer LNF tests because of the larger vehicles they require. For example, a candidate’s ability to safely secure a load may be tested in addition to their driving skills.

Plymouth Driving Test Pass Rates

The pass rate for practical driving tests in Plymouth is 40%, lower than the national average of 47%. You should study hard to do well on your Plymouth exam.

Plymouth’s lower graduation rate could be the result of several causes. The city’s intricate road system comprises various residential streets, freeways, and roundabouts.

Some of the driving portions of the exam will require you to take the wheel without direct supervision from the examiner. Bad weather is another potential reason for a failed attempt.

The weather in Plymouth, located in southwest England, is notoriously fickle. Because of this, student drivers may be less able to focus on the road.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test

Buckle up and rev those engines! You’ve conquered your theory and practical tests at Plymouth’s test centres, and now, you’re officially a licensed driver.

It’s time to set the GPS to adventure mode and embark on a journey of discovery! Following are some of the best landmarks you can visit after taking intensive driving lessons in Plymouth and achieving your driving license.

  • The Barbican

Plymouth, England’s Barbican neighbourhood, is well-known for several things and is steeped in history. It is the oldest area in Plymouth and has a long Middle Ages maritime history.

Plymouth was extensively destroyed during the Second World War, yet it still possesses an exciting combination of cobblestone streets and antique houses.

The National Marine Aquarium, the most giant aquarium in the UK, is located at The Barbican. Diverse marine life, such as sharks, rays, and many fish species, are visible to visitors, offering a thorough education on the ocean and its inhabitants.

  • Plymouth Synagogue

The oldest Ashkenazi synagogue still operating in the English-speaking world is Plymouth Synagogue, founded in 1762. The narrative offers a window into the history and culture of the city’s Jewish population.

Despite its modest exterior, the synagogue is renowned for its stunning and well-preserved Georgian interior.

The synagogue is a listed building which emphasises its unique significance as a piece of architectural history.

The Plymouth Synagogue serves as a reminder of the area’s long Jewish history. It stands for the long-standing Jewish presence in the area, which dates back to the 17th-century resettlement of Jews in England.

  • Hoe Park

One of Plymouth, England’s most well-known sites, Hoe Park, also known as “The Hoe,” is renowned for its historical and cultural significance. Smeaton’s Tower is one of Hoe Park’s most well-known landmarks.

Constructed initially on Eddystone Rocks in 1759, this is the top of the third Eddystone Lighthouse. It was relocated to its current spot on the Hoe in 1882 when the lighthouse was upgraded.

Today, you can ascend to the tower’s summit to take sweeping views of the city and the ocean. The Hoe is well-known for its connection to renowned sea captain Sir Francis Drake.

According to legend, Drake was bowling here in 1588 when he learned of the sighting of the Spanish Armada. Drake apparently insisted on finishing his game before launching an attack on them.

  • Theatre Royal Plymouth

One of Plymouth, England’s well-known landmarks, is the Theater Royal Plymouth. The biggest and busiest theatre in the UK is Theater Royal Plymouth.

It is a significant hub for the performing arts and offers various productions, such as plays, musicals, ballet, and opera.

It is known for creating high-calibre plays, many of which frequently transfer to London’s West End or embark on domestic or worldwide tours.

This holds for both original works and revivals of old plays and musicals. The Theater Royal Plymouth is renowned for its cutting-edge production and education facility TR2 in Cattedown.

  • Naval Memorial

Plymouth’s Naval War Memorial is a sombre and sad monument significant in the city’s history.

The Naval War Memorial’s primary goal is to preserve the memories of the Marines who died in previous wars. Both locals and tourists can pay their respects to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice at this memorial.

It was initially dedicated in 1924 to honour the First World War dead. It was later enlarged to additionally remember those who lost their lives during World War II after the war had ended.

The monument, created by Henry Poole and Sir Robert Lorimer, is stunning in its simplicity.

Why Choose National Intensive for Intensive Driving Course?

The goal of driving instruction should be to instil in the student the self-assurance, competence, and safety necessary to confidently and skillfully navigate the roadways.

And who better to have at your side on this adventure than the instructors from your local driving school? Choosing the best driving school can majorly impact your education and future career.

When looking for an intensive driving school in Plymouth, many people choose National Intensive. Passing the exam is not all you will learn at the National Intensive.

They’re meant to make you a responsible motorist who understands the road’s theory and practice. Our streamlined, hassle-free approach to education sets us apart from the competition.

There is no compromise in the quality of instruction for the low cost of these courses. We’re about to hit the gas, so fasten your leather L-plates. You’ll learn to navigate corners, roundabouts, and straightaways quickly and safely.

Have your hands on the intensive driving courses in Plymouth and feel the freedom to drive independently.

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