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15 / 08 / 23

Intensive Driving Courses in Perth

Are you willing to work your way to driving freedom? There is no need to look any further! Our blog is your entry point into the fascinating world of intensive driving classes in Perth’s dynamic metropolis. Intensive driving classes in Perth can help you achieve your driving goals faster!

Strap on as we revitalize your learning experience by guiding you through the fast lanes of in-depth training, expert tips, and confidence-building manoeuvres. Join us on this adrenaline-pumping trip to become a skillful and intelligent driver.

Whether you are a beginner or an avid enthusiast who wants to pass your test, this platform is all you need. Let us help you achieve your driving goals by providing intense driving training in Perth!

Theory Test Centres in Perth 

In many countries, the theory test is a significant aspect of getting a driver’s licence. The theory test assesses your knowledge of traffic rules, signs, and driving theory. Following are two of the available theory test centres in Perth. You can work on it after completing your intensive driving courses in Perth.

West Perth Theory Test Centre

The West Perth Theory Test Centre is strategically placed in West Perth, making it easy for candidates from the city and nearby areas to visit. 66 Kings Park Road, Level 3, West Perth, WA 6005.

The theoretical test is anticipated to be administered in a comfortable and controlled setting at the test centre. The multiple-choice component and the hazard perception test may have their own sections.

Welshpool Theory Test Centre

Welshpool Theory Test Centre is another site open to candidates in Perth and the surrounding areas. Welshpool, WA 6106, 21/108 Welshpool Road. It should provide a suitable atmosphere for candidates to perform their theory examinations, including the multiple choice component and the danger perception test, similar to the West Perth Centre.

Practical Test Centres in Perth 

There are various practical driving test centres in Perth, Western Australia, where people can take practical driving tests. You’re lucky enough if you live in or near Perth, as there are a lot of practical test centres in Perth. Following the top three of them are mentioned:

  • Joondalup Licensing Centre

The Joondalup Licencing Centre, located in Perth’s northern suburbs, is a popular venue for practical driving exams. The centre provides a variety of roadways for practice, including residential roads, highways, and roundabouts. The Joondalup Licencing Centre has a slightly lower pass rate than the Perth average, but it is still a solid option for individuals searching for a complicated exam.

  • Kelmscott Licensing Centre

Kelmscott Licencing Centre, located in Perth’s southern suburbs, is another popular venue for practical driving exams. There are various streets to practise on at the centre, including residential streets, motorways, and industrial regions. The pass rate at Kelmscott Licencing Centre is also slightly lower than the Perth average, but it is still a decent option for individuals searching for a difficult test.

  • Mandurah Licensing Centre

The Mandurah Licencing Centre in South West Perth is an excellent choice for individuals seeking to take their practical driving test in a more rural setting. The centre provides a variety of roadways for practice, including suburban roads, highways, and country roads. The pass rate at the Mandurah Licencing Centre is slightly higher than the Perth norm, making it a suitable alternative for individuals searching for a difficult test.

Perth Driving Test Pass Rates

Over the last five years, Perth’s success rate has decreased. The pass rate is lower than the national average of 45.9%, making Perth slightly less likely than the rest of Australia to pass your driving test. Remember that passing scores should be viewed as indicative of a test center’s performance.

Rather than the only criteria for judging the quality of driving instruction or the ease with which a test can be passed in a particular area. Passing the driving test and being a safe and responsible driver requires proper preparation, practice, and mastering safe driving abilities.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test

We congratulate you on having your hands on your driving license after all the formalities. Below we’ve mentioned some fantastic landmarks you can visit to celebrate your freedom.

  • The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is among the world’s oldest and most distinguished mints. The company has a lengthy history of gold refining and manufacturing high-quality gold coins and bars. It has earned a reputation for superb craftsmanship and the purity of its gold goods throughout the years.

The Perth Mint set a Guinness World Record in 2011, creating the world’s largest gold coin, the “Australian Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Coin.” This magnificent coin weighs one tonne (about 2,205 pounds) and is composed of 99.99% pure gold.

  • The State War Memorial

The State War Memorial, located in Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia, is a well-known and significant memorial that honours the sacrifices made by Australian military troops in various conflicts. It acts as a symbol of remembering and honours those who died in the service of their country. The memorial includes the renowned Flame of Remembrance, depicting perpetual memory and honouring the dead troops.

It acts as a poignant memorial to the Australian Defence Forces’ sacrifices. It has a central cenotaph, a prominent structure ornamented with inscriptions and plaques remembering the various wars and conflicts in which Australian servicemen have been involved.

  • The Bell Tower

The Clock Tower in Perth, Western Australia, is one of the world’s most prominent musical instruments and a famous cultural monument. It is positioned on the Swan River’s banks and is an essential component of Perth’s skyline. The tower houses a set of 18 bells that were initially hung in London’s St Martin-in-the-Fields Church.

These “St. Martin’s bells” date from the 14th century. They were given to the City of Perth as part of Australia’s bicentennial celebrations in 1988. The clock tower is often called “Swan Bells” due to its location on the Swan River and the lovely swan statues at the top. The swans contribute to the tower’s appeal and have become a well-known emblem of Perth.

  • Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay is a well-known waterfront development in Perth, Western Australia. It has altered the cityscape and is now a popular attraction for locals and tourists. The unusual footbridge known as the Elizabeth Quay Bridge or ‘Spanda’ is the central feature of Elizabeth Quay.

The bridge’s unique design incorporates an attractive arch that crosses the river, producing a visually stunning landmark. Several prominent public art projects enhance the pier’s ambiance and cultural attractiveness, including the iconic “Spanda” Bridge, the “First Contact” statue, and other artworks.

  • St. Mary’s Cathedral

St. Mary’s Cathedral is a famous landmark in Sydney, Australia. It is not only one of the most important cathedrals in the country, but it is also a symbol of the city’s religious heritage and architectural beauty. The cathedral is one of the largest in Australia and in the southern hemisphere.

Its size and grandeur make it an impressive and majestic religious building. St. Mary’s Cathedral is of great historical importance as it has been a place of worship for over two centuries. The original cathedral was built in 1821, and the present magnificent structure was completed in 1928.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

Before taking a step to any practical or theory test centre, you must look for a suitable driving school. If you are living in or near Perth, you, fortunately, have fantastic options for this. In that case, National Intensive provides beginners a whole package to gain confidence in passing the tests.

Our intensive driving courses in Perth provide intensive and consistent lessons, allowing you to achieve rapid progress quickly. The intensive training allows you to master critical driving abilities faster than in traditional classes. These classes cover everything from basic manoeuvres to negotiating complex traffic circumstances.

You will receive extensive instruction to equip you with the knowledge and abilities required to drive safely and responsibly. We value hazard awareness training because it enables you to identify potential road risks and respond promptly. This competence is required to avoid accidents and drive safely.

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