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04 / 07 / 23

Intensive Driving Courses in Norwich

The first and most exciting part of turning 18 is feeling the independence of driving a car and experiencing the road. Everything will only be landed upon you with effort. You have to look for the most suitable intensive driving courses in Norwich. These courses will help you pass both tests and drag you closer to your driving license.

National Intensive will provide their customers with two-week training to achieve their beginner level. We focus on both manual and automatic to let our clients gain confidence. Whether you are coming to us to kick-start your profession or your enthusiasm to drive a car, we will ensure to make you a safe driver at the end of our lesson. Visit our site to book your course now and take a step towards driving.

Theory Test Centres in Norwich

You can go for a theory test before you attempt a practical test or during the test. If you live near Norwich or in the state, you have only one option to pass your theory test. The Norwich theory test centre is located at 25-27 Surrey Street.

They just changed their location back in 2018. Their opening times are from Monday to Friday and 8 am to 4 pm. If you intend to take public transportation to the theory test centre, you will have a pretty simple voyage ahead! Let’s begin with the music. You may walk to the city core 15 minutes after arriving at Norwich train station.

If you are lucky enough to be driven to the lace by someone on the test day, you must leave some extra time slot because this test centre is in the middle of the city centre, which might result in a bit of traffic. The person driving you to your test may wish to leave their car parked while you take it. But you won’t be able to find the parking place that the test centre provides. Instead, they must park in a nearby lot.

Practical Test Centres in Norwich

You will have two options to attempt a practical test in Norwich to grab your driving license. The best way to choose a practical test centre in Norwich is to visit both centres and see which one you prefer. You can also ask your driving instructor for their recommendation. Keep reading to know more about these test centres.

Norwich Peachman Way Driving Test Centre:

This driving test centre is at 16A Peachman Way, Norwich, NR6 6AF. This centre has its own parking space, meaning you don’t have to worry about parking your car if you are not coming by public transport. You will get separate male and female toilets at the facility.

Norwich Jupiter Road: 

This practical test centre is located exactly 15 minutes away from the city centre. Moreover, it is also close to the Norwich International Airport. We recommend you choose this practical test centre as it would be convenient wherever you come from in Norwich.

Norwich Driving Test Pass Rates

A successful driving test pass rate can indicate the quality of instruction offered by a specific driving school or instructor. Higher passing rates suggest that the driving school or instructor has a track record of successfully teaching and preparing pupils for the driving test.

The pass rate can vary depending on the location of the test centre. For example, the pass rate at the Norwich Peachman Way test centre is slightly higher than at the Norwich Jupiter Road test centre. If you look into the list of Norwich Peachman Way driving test centres, their passing rate is 56.9%.

Norwich Jupiter Road test centre’s recently updated pass rate list says they pass at 50.6%. The experience of the examiner can also affect the pass rate. Examiners with more experience are typically more lenient and may be more likely to pass a driver who makes a minor mistake.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test

Norwich is a beautiful place which offers a lot to its visitors. After having your driving license, you must be looking for a place to visit on your own. Following are some of the must-visit places in Norwich:

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral is a well-known religious and architectural landmark in Norwich, England. It is officially known as the Cathedral of the Holy and Undivided Trinity. It has a lengthy and rich history that dates back over 900 years.

It was founded in 1096 and is one of Europe’s most complete and well-preserved Romanesque cathedrals. Norwich Cathedral is bordered by a lovely and well-preserved Cathedral Close, which contains many tranquil green spaces, old buildings, and gardens. The Close provides tourists with a tranquil and scenic setting.

Felbrigg Hall

Felbrigg Hall is a famous country house in Norfolk, England, near Cromer. It is a stunning Jacobean mansion dating from the 17th century. It’s famous for its beautiful architecture and well-preserved interiors.

The National Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving historic monuments and landscapes, presently manages the hall. It is open to the public and provides visitors a look into the past. The location is surrounded by large gardens and parks totalling around 520 hectares.

The grounds, which comprise a walled garden, forest walkways, and a lovely lake, are well-known for their beauty. Felbrigg Hall’s interior boasts an extraordinary collection of paintings, furniture, and ornamental objects.

Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle is a historical monument in the English city of Norwich, Norfolk. It is an excellent example of a Norman castle. The castle rests atop Castle Hill or Castle Hill, a massive man-made hill.

The hill provides an elevated view over the city and is a favourite site for visitors and locals alike to take in the scenery. In the 11th century, the Normans erected it as a royal palace and stronghold. Norwich Castle was built as a royal castle for the Norman rulers.

The royal court was here, and the monarch could exercise his authority in East Anglia. Norwich Castle has also operated as a county jail and courthouse. It was used to keep inmates and hold trials until it was relocated in the nineteenth century.

Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell

The Bridewell Museum is a well-known museum in Norwich, Norfolk, England. The Bridewell, a historic tower dating back to the 14th century, houses the museum. Bridewell, which was once a merchant’s house, was later used as a prison, workhouse, and police station.

Bridewell was once a merchant’s house and was later used as a prison, workhouse, and police station. It has diverse exhibitions and displays, including interactive exhibits, artefacts, and multimedia presentations.

These exhibits provide visitors with an insight into Norwich’s history, people, and industry. The Norwich Loom, a working loom that shows the weaving process in the city’s textile industry, is one of the museum’s highlights. Visitors can see the precise skills and expertise of textile creation.

The Forum

The Norwich Forum is a significant monument and the city’s cultural centre. It is a well-known modern structure with a stunning design. Sir Michael Hopkins and Partners designed it, and it opened in 2001.

Its glass and steel front, along with its distinctive curving design, has become an architectural icon of Norwich. In Norwich, the Forum serves as a dynamic cultural and communal centre. Many events, exhibitions, shows, and activities are held yearly to appeal to various interests and age groups.

The Forum brings together numerous functions under one roof. It also has a café, exhibition spaces, a performance room, conference rooms, offices for cultural and social organizations, and a library.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

With its comprehensive driving courses in Norwich, National Intensive can play a crucial role in helping individuals become safe drivers. These intensive programs offer a focused and condensed approach to driver training, allowing learners to develop essential skills and knowledge in a shorter period. By providing concentrated practice sessions and expert guidance, National Intensive enables students to build confidence behind the wheel and understand the intricacies of road safety.

With a structured curriculum and personalized attention, National Intensive equips aspiring drivers with the necessary tools to navigate various road conditions, anticipate potential risks, and make informed decisions. By honing their driving skills under the guidance of experienced professionals, students can greatly enhance their ability to become safe and responsible drivers, promoting a road safety culture in the process.


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