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11 / 07 / 23

Intensive Driving Courses in Northampton

Do you also have an urge to seize a driving license ASAP? Before you attempt a test, you must make yourself capable of passing it. And for that, what’s better than learning to drive with the help of intensive driving courses in Northampton?

The intensive driving course is designed to teach you how to drive in the least amount of time feasible. With an intensive driving course, you will drive for at least two hours daily to gain confidence and develop the driving skills necessary to pass your driving test.

Many learner drivers are initially frightened when taking weekly driving lessons, which slows down the learning process and causes many to forget what they learned in the previous driving lesson.

If you invest your money in driving schools with the least managed courses, try National Intensive. We ensure our clients gain 100% confidence when left on the road. Our clients are confident enough to call them safe drivers within one to three weeks. There are a range of courses.

Theory Test Centres in Northampton

Before taking the theory test, you should study and prepare using the appropriate resources, such as official DVSA theory test study materials, books, and online practice tests.

Comprehending traffic rules and road safety principles is critical to passing the theoretical test.

Northampton theory test centre is one of the most famous centres in the region. It is on the first floor of Charles’s house inside the west suit.

Other centres include Kettering driving test centre, located in the centre of the bustling business park. The best part of this driving centre is that if you book any intensive driving classes in Northampton, they will schedule them according to your feasibility.

Practical Test Centres in Northampton

You must go to the Northampton driving test centre if you need to take a driving test. If you intend to have your vehicle inspected, have a relative with a three-year driver’s license to transport you downtown.

Gladstone Road is the only way to get to Northampton’s hands-on test centre. When you arrive at the industrial estate, go to Gladstone Business Centre. You’ve arrived at the proper place if you come near Top Hat Theatre School. You are strongly advised to arrive at the test centre well before the scheduled test date in your confirmation letter.

To feel more at ease during the exam, familiarise yourself with the surrounding test track and practice driving in comparable conditions.

Northampton Driving Test Pass Rates

After you are done giving tests, only passing rates will help you evaluate whether you are passing or not. To evaluate it, you must consider looking into the passing rates of the test centres in Northamp. After going through detailed research and analysis, we’ve found the data on passing rates in Northampton. The average passing rate of Northampton is estimated at 45.9%.

After 2015 the passing ratio decreased from 50.1% to 44.8%. Well, you can improve your chances of passing the test by having your hands on the intensive driving lessons in Northampton.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test

After passing all the legal procedures, we congratulate you on finally getting your driving license. This is a significant achievement that demonstrates your dedication and hard work. May the open road bring you happiness, freedom, and unforgettable memories.

Be cautious, enjoy your newfound independence, and look forward to the experiences that await you. Discover some of the places famous in Northampton. Following are the top five landmarks you can visit after passing the driving test.

Northampton Castle 

Northampton Castle is well-known for its historical significance as a royal home and the site of significant events in English history. The castle near Northampton, England, was important during the Middle Ages.

It was constructed following the Norman conquest of England in 1066. It was a strategic fortress as well as a symbol of Norman dominance in the region. The castle has been expanded and rebuilt multiple times over the years.

One notable event associated with Northampton Castle was the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215. The Magna Carta, an important legal document that outlined certain rights and liberties, was sealed by King John of England at the castle. This historical moment marked an essential step toward the development of constitutional law and the limitation of royal power.

Abington Park 

Abington Park, located in Northampton, England, is a historic and well-known public park with several remarkable features. The Abington Park Museum is located in the park and is a lovely 15th-century country home currently serving as a museum.

The museum showcases the history and legacy of Northampton and the surrounding areas by displaying a diverse range of historical relics and works of art. The museum is a key draw, providing insight into the region’s history. Abington Park includes lovely gardens and well-kept landscaping.

There are numerous themed gardens throughout the park, such as a sensory garden, a rose garden, and a rock garden. These places provide scenic areas where visitors can relax, hike, and enjoy the park’s natural beauty.

78 Derngate 

78 Derngate is a well-known residence in Northampton, England. Although it appears to be a typical Georgian terraced house from the outside, it rose to prominence through collaboration with the renowned Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The significance of 78 Derngate stems from Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s 1916-1917 refurbishment. W.J. Bassett Lowke formed Mackintosh, known for pioneering Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts styles in architecture and design. 78 Derngate was transformed into a spectacular example of Mackintosh’s distinctive style due to his remodelling. He included geometric design principles, clean lines, and vibrant colours in his interior design, furniture, and accessories.

The Guildhall

Northampton’s Guildhall is a historic and landmark tower with several significant features and a rich history. It is a Grade II* listed structure with architectural significance. The structure was built in the nineteenth century but rests on the site of earlier medieval guild houses. The structure blends architectural styles with Gothic and Victorian elements.

The Guildhall has been a hub of municipal and administrative activity for ages. It was the headquarters of the Corporation of Northampton, which was afterwards renamed Northampton Borough Council. The structure housed significant community events such as council meetings, court proceedings, and public gatherings. The Guildhall is still a vibrant social and cultural centre, holding various events and activities.

Althorp House

Althorp House has a distinctive role in British history and continues to captivate tourists with its rich heritage, breathtaking architecture, and the Spencer family’s legacy, particularly Princess Diana. It is renowned as the ancestral house of the Spencer family, known for its link to the British royal family, and is located in Northamptonshire, England.

For nearly 500 years, Althorp House has served as the Spencer family’s primary residence. The Spencer family is historically and socially significant and inextricably related to the British monarchy. It was explicitly Diana, Princess of Wales’ childhood home, who was born Diana Spencer and later married Prince Charles.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

A driving school is essential for beginners since it provides a structured curriculum to teach them how to drive. The National Intensive adopts a systematic approach to driving that ensures beginners learn logically and gradually.

We hire expert driving instructors trained and certified to teach people how to drive. These instructors are well-versed in road safety, traffic legislation, and efficient teaching methods. Their knowledge and experience assist novice drivers in developing the required skills and confidence to become safe and responsible drivers.

We aim to teach beginners about all the possible considerations while driving, including road signs to defensive driving techniques.

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