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18 / 07 / 23

Intensive Driving Courses in Newport

Do you live in Newport or near Newport but are planning to have your hands on a UK driving license? Before considering it, you must consider clearing the driving test based on standards. You can quickly achieve your goal with guidance and research of Newport’s best intensive driving courses.

With the help of National Intensive, all you have to do is trust our DVSA-approved facility. We make sure our clients at the end of their driving courses get enough confidence to face any condition given. We offer courses ranging from the beginner to the intermediate level, ensuring every detail to the requirements while driving.

Theory Test Centres in Newport

One of the aspects of the tests you must pass to achieve your driving license is the theory test. In Newport, you will have only two options to give your theory test. The first is the Newport theory test centres on the 2nd Floor of Clarence House, Clarence Place, Newport, NP19 7AP.

The best part of this theory test centre is it is only 3 minutes away from the nearest bus stop, by chance, if you are not coming by car. Moreover, the facility’s main entrance is disability friendly to let the relevant feel at ease. Another theory test centre in Newport is Pearson Professional Centres – UK Newport-Isle Wight.

The bus station is nearly about 0.2 miles away from this theory test centre. It is located at Unit 16 of Riverside Industrial Estate, Lliswerry Road, Newport, NP11 4BZ. It is precisely on the ground floor of the building, so it is a straightforward approach for every type of visitor.

Practical Test Centres in Newport

Only two practical test centres will be available to evaluate your driving skills after intensive driving lessons in Newport. Following are some details of both the centres.

Newport Driving Test Centre: 

The driving exam at the Newport Driving Exam Centre consists of one of four possible manoeuvres. The examiner decides whatever manoeuvre to do. Every other driving test requires emergency braking, and each exam requires around 10 minutes of independent driving.

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, of the 2,654 students who took their driving test for the first time at the Newport test centre in 2019-2020, 1,259 passed the test with a score of 47.8%.

Newport Gwent Test Centre

You must arrive at Newport Gwent 10 minutes before your test. You’ll need your provisional license when you meet with the driving examiner. Following the exchange of greetings, you will be sent to take an eyesight test.

Then, they will take you to a 20-minute general driving test for the evaluation. You can pass the test here by scoring 48.3% at this practical test centre in Newport.

Newport Driving Test Pass Rates

It is only defined by the set passing rates of the region you are in by the standard test passing rate by DVSA. Newport’s driving test pass rate has steadily grown over the last five years. This is most likely due to a combination of reasons, such as the implementation of new driving test processes and the increased availability of driving lessons.

Newport’s driving test pass percentage is 53.7, higher than the national average. This indicates that Newport is a suitable area to take your driving test. However, it is crucial to remember that the grade may differ based on the season and test centre. For example, during the summer months, when more people receive their driver’s licenses, the pass rate is lower.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test

Grabbing your driving license and being allowed to experience yourself on the road is always a wonderful feeling. After you’ve got your license, you must now look into visiting the best places on your own and feel the freedom. Following are some of the best landmarks to visit after passing your driving test in Newport.

Tredegar House 

Tredegar House is a well-known historic residence in Newport, Wales. It has a long history that dates back to the 17th century. Tredegar House is an important historical and cultural site in Wales, drawing people who want to learn about its architecture, history, and attractive surroundings.

The Morgan family, powerful Welsh landowners, initially built it as a fortified manor home. The mansion boasts exquisite red brick construction and is regarded as one of Wales’s most outstanding examples of Restoration architecture. It has been extended and renovated multiple times over the centuries, resulting in a mix of architectural styles with Jacobean and Carolingian elements.

Newport Transporter Bridge

The Newport Transporter Bridge is a landmark and technical marvel in Newport, Wales. It is also known as the Newport Bridge or the Newport Floating Bridge. It is a distinct structure with a different design.

It comprises a towering steel bridge with a suspended gondola or “carriage” that transports vehicles and passengers across the Usk River. The bridge was constructed and opened to the public in 1906, making it one of the world’s oldest traffic bridges.

It was constructed to provide a convenient river crossing for workers in local ports and allow ships to sail unhindered. The Newport Transporter Bridge’s construction relates to the area’s industrial past. It was constructed during the rapid industrial growth in South Wales, particularly in the coal and steel industries.

Newport Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of Saint Woolos, also known as Newport Cathedral, is a well-known religious and architectural landmark in Newport. It has a long history that dates back more than 1500 years.

It is thought to have been founded in the sixth century and has witnessed significant events in Wales’ religious and cultural history. The cathedral’s architecture is stunning. It combines neo-Gothic and Romanesque components, demonstrating the impact of several architectural eras and styles throughout history.

The cathedral’s interior is famous for its splendour and complex craftsmanship. It features gorgeous stained glass windows, rich woodwork, and intricate stone carvings, creating an aesthetically attractive space for worship and reflection.

Caerleon Lodge Hill Fort

Caerleon Inn Hill Fort is an essential reminder of the Roman presence in Wales. Tourists can examine the ruins of a Roman military fort. Its historical significance, archaeological discoveries, and the existence of the National Museum of the Roman Legion make it a memorable visit for both history buffs and tourists.

Hill Fort was once a Roman fort built in 75 AD during Britain’s Roman colonization. It was an essential military fort and played a significant part in the region’s defence. It is one of Britain’s best intact Roman amphitheatres. The amphitheatre was utilized for various entertainment events, like gladiator bouts and other public displays.

Llanmelin Wood Hillfort

Llanmelin Wood Hillfort is an old archaeological site in Monmouthshire, Wales. It is also known as Llanmelin Iron Age Hillfort. Kullborgen dates from the Iron Age from the late 2nd century BC to the early 1st century AD.

It was constructed and inhabited during a critical period in prehistoric Britain. It is positioned on a conspicuous elevation with a panoramic view of the surrounding area. This strategic positioning implies it served as a defensive stronghold with restricted access to critical routes or resources.

Since the 1950s, several archaeological investigations have been undertaken at Llanmelin Wood Hillfort. These excavations have uncovered evidence of round dwellings, storage pits, and defensive components that shed light on the daily lives and activities of the Iron Age residents.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

If you want to learn to drive in all conditions, even the worst-case scenario, you should seek National Intensive Driving Courses in Newport. We usually have test routes that cover a wide range of road types and traffic conditions. These routes test your ability to deal with various driving situations, such as roundabouts, crossroads, and road markings.

Practising or learning about these test routes will make you feel more at ease and prepared for the test. We provide intensive classes that allow you to complete your primary education in two weeks.

Furthermore, specific semi-intensive courses allow you to enrol in professional training for up to 15 hours, which takes around 3 to 5 weeks. This helps to guarantee that drivers are competent on the road and can minimize risks and prevent accidents, enhancing overall road safety for themselves and others.

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