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29 / 03 / 23

Intensive Driving Courses in Hereford

National Intensive offers intensive driving courses in Hereford and most of the UK! Intensive Driving Courses start from as little as just 5 hours, we can offer a male or female driving instructor. We can also help with the theory test as well as intensive driving lessons.

Theory Test Centres in Hereford:

The theory test is a prerequisite for all practical tests and is currently the only way to attain a driving licence. We recommend you visit your local Hereford theory test booking centre if you need to book a test. The Hereford theory test centre is located at 9-10 Broad Street, Hereford, HR4 9AP. There are other options in the surrounding areas as well.


Practical Test Centres in Hereford:

We’ve been advising you on finding practical test centres in Hereford for a while now, but we might still be wondering where you’ll be taking your driving test. Hereford has a Hereford test centre located at Herefordshire Council, Plough Ln, Hereford HR4 0LE, United Kingdom, and nearby other towns. You may find that Letchworth, Bishop’s Stortford, and Peterborough are worth considering as alternatives.


Hereford Driving Test Pass Rates:

Passing driving tests need attention and focus. The determination of a candidate determines whether they will clear the tests. According to a source, the test pass rate in Hereford is 59% percent. This means most candidates clear their driving tests, which is a great sign.  

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

It would be best to be overjoyed now because you have a driving licence. Now it’s time to grab your car keys and explore the city of Hereford. While exploring Hereford, you will visit some of the famous landmarks of Hereford. Moreover, you will also get to drive for long hours and on different roads, eventually enhancing your driving skills. So what’s stopping you, go and get ready to explore the beauty of Hereford. Here are some of the most visited landmarks in Hereford that you can explore:

1) Forest of Dean:

The Forest of Dean is one of Hereford’s most famous and visited landmarks. If you’re with your family, you must take advantage of this attention-grabbing landmark. You will closely see the wildlife and have a closer picture of how those animals survive in the forests. Moreover, the landmark also gives you the privilege to hike and ride a bike if you wish to. During your visit to the Forest of Dean, you will find several wildlife creatures such as hawks, birds, owls, eagles, raptors, etc. It’s a must-visit place with your family.

2) Hampton Court Gardens: 

The Hampton Court Gardens offer parklands and formal gardens for nature walks, hiking excursions and outdoor fun. You’ll find many impressive collections, including 3 National Plant Collections, a record-breaking grapevine and the Wilderness Garden home to a herd of deer. Another highlight is the world’s oldest puzzle maze, a heritage maze commissioned by William III in 1700. The maze is a popular challenge for visitors, thanks to its twists and dead ends that create obstacles for solving the puzzle.

3) Hereford Cathedral: 

Hereford Cathedral, a cathedral church of the Diocese of Hereford, houses famous mediaeval treasures and unique features, including an 11th-century bishop’s chapel, Norman architectural details and elaborate decorative touches. You can also see several monument tombs in the cathedral, including Sir Richard Pembridge, Thomas Charlton and Robert of Hereford, and tombs of numerous bishops. The most prized possession is Mappa Mundi, a mediaeval world map created in 1300 by Richard of Haldingham.

4) Eastnor Castle

Eastnor Castle is an elaborate 19th-century mock castle with stunning staterooms and magnificent grounds that can be seen on tours. Designed as a private residence for Baron Somers II, Eastnor Castle has a lavish interior with mediaeval armour, tapestries and fine art. You can see all the interior rooms, including the Gothic drawing room, great hall and bedrooms. After touring the castle, you can explore the lush arboretum, which contains a prized cedar collection and exotic trees. There’s also a majestic lake on the property.

5) Berrington Hall

Berrington Hall is a stunning neoclassical-style country home with a vast collection of period furniture, costumes and other preserved artefacts. The house is simple but contains luxurious touches, such as an Elmar Digby furniture collection and artwork masterpieces. You could also see a Charles Paget Wade costume collection, the downstairs servants’ quarters, a Georgian dairy and a Victorian laundry. The exterior of Berrington Hall is also exquisite and features an elaborate landscape and a lake with an island.


How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

Safe driving is a skill that requires hours of practice and dedication. Safe driving becomes easy when an individual is trained and has spent hours practising safe driving. People who are not trained and have never practised driving can never be safe drivers. You need to invest your time and effort to be a safe driver. 

National Intensive has introduced intensive driving courses in Hereford that aims to make beginners safe drivers. The coaching staff of National Intensive is highly skilled and trained. Each member of the team has years of experience in driving and has the potential to drive any vehicle.


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