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03 / 03 / 23

Intensive Driving Courses in Harrow

Some folks think that driving is not their thing. They believe this because they are afraid to drive. Everyday life for everyone includes driving. Every day, accidents claim the lives of hundreds of people. Driving is a skill that is utilised for transportation between locations. But, if done carelessly, it could be harmful.

To become a skilled driver, one must enrol on an intensive driving course in Harrow. The focus of the training is on both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. Those who take the course learn to drive safely and with proficiency.

Theory Test Centres in Harrow:

Once you decide to obtain a driver’s licence, you must pass a theoretical test. You must take your theory test at the theory test centre in Harrow, located at 125 Pinner Road, HARROW, HA1 4EU. Access to the main city is available from all directions from the centre. Qualified instructors ask driving-related and other general theory questions in testing facilities.

Practical Test Centres in Harrow:

To make sure the candidate can drive and won’t have any further accidents, a practical driving test is conducted. The next test is the practical test, which is advanced to candidates who pass their theory tests. In the tests, the examiner gives candidates a variety of tasks to complete. If the candidate does well, they are deemed qualified for a driving licence. We advise students to take practical driving tests at Greenford Road, Harrow, HA1 3QF.


Harrow Driving Test Pass Rates:

Driving tests are something everyone struggles with, especially the ones who are applying for them for the first time. Due to the lack of driving skills and confidence, many candidates fail to pass their tests which results in the rejection of the driver’s licence application. Harrow is one of the cities where candidates fail their tests because they find it tough to crack. According to a source, Harrow’s driving test pass rate is 48%.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

Have you successfully obtained your driving licence? Now it is time to grab your car keys and get going to explore the city of Harrow. Harrow is filled with great landmarks that can be explored with your friends and family. Some of these landmarks portray the history of the UK, while other locations are for entertainment. Through exploring Harrow, you will not only get to visit famous landmarks, but also you will get to practise driving a lot. Below are some of the great tourist places you should not miss:

  • Headstone Manor & Museum

If you are interested in history, you should explore Headstone Manor & Museum. It is a local museum with historic grounds, including a moated Medieval Manor House. It was restored in 2017 and was open for tourists after restoration. Since then, the landmark has hosted many exhibitions. Headstone Manor and Museum also have a learning centre in the Granary where you can study the history of the place. Moreover, if you feel like eating something, you can grab a bite from the cafe, which is within the Headstone Manor & Museum premises.

  • The Hive Stadium

If you are into football, then The Hive Stadium has to be one of your landmarks to explore. The stadium hosts various local and international football matches. The venue also has a lounge which can accommodate up to 200 people at a time. The staff there is helpful and serves you with kindness and humility. In addition, the stadium also has a buffet system where you can eat whatever you like at affordable prices. For the ones who worry about car parking, The Hive Stadium has plenty of parking, so you don’t need to stress over parking.

  • St Mary’s Church, Harrow on the Hill 

If you love peace and don’t want chaos, visit St Mary’s Church. The church has a ground where you can jog along with your pets. It also has a track to ride cycles. The church’s site is very old (over 900 years), although the current building is mainly Victorian. The main highlight is the view at the back of the churchyard overlooking London. Behind the viewpoint is the memorial to Lord Byron, the poet who was a student at Harrow School.

  • Bigshots (Northwick Park) Ltd

Bigshots (Northwick Park) is the ultimate venue for entertainment. The venue is the home state-of-the-art interactive driving range, Blue Zenzer restaurant serving up mouth-watering Indo-Italian cuisine, and the Anthem Kitchen & Sports Bar – showing live sports daily. Big shots are more than golf. The venue is ideal for the perfect date night, family time, catching up with friends, ideal for corporate events and celebrating special occasions. There is something for everyone.

  • St George’s Shopping Centre

You must explore St George’s Shopping Centre if you are a shopaholic. You can get anything from the shopping centre. It still looks modern and bright with a good selection of shops and in a prime position that you can use to shortcut through to the other side of the centre. There is a half-decent food court on the ground floor, and the bogs are right up on the very top floor, tucked away if you need to find them. Thus it is the biggest of the shopping centres in Preston.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

You can become a safe driver by obtaining intensive driving lessons in Harrow. Our coaches are extremely dedicated and have years of experience when it comes to teaching how to drive. Our coaches are well-trained and well-aware of all the dynamics of driving. So if you want to become a safe driver in Harrow, you must learn intensive driving lessons there. Intensive driving classes in Harrow will help you get what you seek.

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