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21 / 03 / 23

Intensive Driving Courses in Harrogate

National Intensive offers intensive driving courses in Harrogate and most of the UK! Intensive Driving Courses start from as little as just 5 hours, we can offer a male or female driving instructor. We can also help with the theory test as well as intensive driving lessons.

Theory Test Centres in Harrogate:

Theory tests are all about theoretical questions a candidate is asked about driving by the examiner. If the candidate has a strong grip over theoretical driving concepts, they will clear the test; otherwise, they will fail the theory tests. National Intensive has always recommended candidates visit Harrogate’s theory test centre for their theory tests. The test centre is at Scottsdale House, 10-31 Springfield Ave, Harrogate HG1 2HR, United Kingdom.

Practical Test Centres in Harrogate:

Clearing the practical driving test is hard as the instructor asks you to perform certain tasks practically. If you manage to perform those tasks successfully, you will proceed further, and if you fail to perform them, your application will be rejected. We always suggest our candidates take their practical driving tests at the practical test centre Harrogate, located on the 1st Floor, Pearson Professional Centre, Strayside House, 27 W Park, Harrogate HG1 1BJ, United Kingdom.

Harrogate Driving Test Pass Rates:

Everyone dreams of obtaining a driving licence, but only a few lucky ones tend to obtain it on the first attempt. Obtaining a driving licence is pretty hard because it consists of tests which are tough to clear. This is why most people fail to obtain a driving licence on the first attempt. According to a source, if you ask about Harrogate’s driving test pass rates, it is 55.5%.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

Finally, you have succeeded in obtaining a driving licence in Harrogate. Now it’s time to celebrate your big day. You can celebrate it by visiting your friends and taking your family out for dinner, but I recommend exploring the city of Harrogate. Harrogate has many landmarks you can explore, which are:

  • Valley Gardens

If you want to know what it was like to frequent Harrogate in its prime, Valley Gardens still resonate with that sense of refinement. There are flowerbeds, woods, close-clipped lawns and rambling paths on 17 acres.

It was here that at “Bogs Field” that Harrogate’s springs were first discovered, 36 in total, and there are holdovers from the spa days in the refined shelters, the Magnesia Well Cafe, the Games Pavilion, the Sun Pavilion and the small stage that puts on concerts on Sunday afternoons in summer.

  • Bettys Café Tea Rooms

A Harrogate institution, Bettys Café Tea Rooms were set up in 1919 by the Swiss confectioner and baker Frederick Belmont.

A century later, the business is in its fourth generation and is open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, with a menu that infuses Swiss and Yorkshire traditions. So that might be rösti at breakfast, schnitzel at lunch and chocolate torte from the cake trolley.

  • RHS Garden Harlow Carr

Harlow Carr was set up at a former Victorian spa on a natural spring in 1946 and is on almost 30 acres. The bathhouse was turned into the garden study centre, while the Limestone Rock Garden is the scene of the capped spring and still has a slight whiff of sulphur. On Harrogate’s western outskirts is one of only four gardens the Royal Horticultural Society manages.

A stroll will take you through a tapestry of different environments, like a garden showing the development of horticulture and fashion over time, a scented garden, a greenhouse, a kitchen garden, woodland carpeted with bluebells, an alpine house, a lake dedicated to the Queen Mother, and many more than we could list.

  • Mercer Art Gallery

The free Mercer Art Gallery houses the Harrogate District’s extensive art collection in the refined former Promenade Rooms.

This is mainly centred on Victorian painters like Edward Burne-Jones, John Atkinson Grimshaw and William Powell Frith, but there are also pieces from the 20th century by the likes of Alan Davie and Laura Knight.

There are 2,000 works in the collection, and these are selected for diverse short-term exhibitions devoted to specific themes or movements and featuring paintings, drawings and prints

  • Montpellier Quarte

The streets around Bettys Tea Rooms all make up the Montpellier Quarter, which was first developed by the entrepreneur George Dawson in the 1860s with the construction of the Montpellier Parade. The quarter has more than 50 independent shops, and this being Harrogate, most are angled towards the high-income clientele.

There are haute couture boutiques, high-end gin shops, design shops, one-off jewellery stores, tapas bars, galleries, beauty salons and more than a few antique shops.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

A driver can only be skilled if they practise driving regularly. Practising is necessary for everyone to become a great driver. National Intensive has always aimed to prepare candidates so that they become safe drivers. This milestone is accomplished with the help of our experienced and skilled drivers who teach driving from the basics to candidates. Our pool of skilled drivers is proficient at driving and has been teaching driving to freshies for years.

Candidates have always admired our intensive driving courses in Harrogate. This is because we ensure whoever takes our intensive driving lessons in Harrogate becomes a skilled and safe driver.

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