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22 / 02 / 23

Intensive Driving Courses in Enfield

When an individual passes by the age of 18, the very first thing that strikes the mind is to learn to drive. This is because young minds always crave adventures and want to go for long drives at midnight. We understand how important driving is for them, but it becomes unsafe when they drive without any training or courses. This results in accidents because individuals who need to be trained in driving need to have the essential driving sense.

National Intensive brings intensive driving courses in Enfield for youngsters as well as for adults who are keen to learn to drive. Intensive driving classes in Enfield cover a wide range of topics related to driving, including the practical aspects of driving.

Theory Test Centres in Enfield:  

People think obtaining a driving licence is a piece of cake, but in reality, one must go through multiple tests to get a driving licence. The very first test that comes the way is the theory test. A theory test is conducted to test the candidate’s theoretical knowledge regarding driving and its fundamentals. National Intensive always prefers theory test centres in Enfield to take theory tests. The centre is located at Innova Park Business Centre, 7 Solar Way, Enfield EN3 7XY, United Kingdom.

Practical Test Centres in Enfield:

The practical test is conducted to evaluate an individual’s driving skills, and if the individual manages to live up to the interviewer’s expectations, they proceed further. Practical tests are followed by theory tests, where the candidate is asked to drive according to the instructions given. To take your practical tests, the practical test centre in Enfield is the best. The test centre is at 3 Brancroft Way, Brimsdown Enfield, Greater London, EN3 7NJ.

Enfield Driving Test Pass Rates:

Candidates need to pass the tests mentioned above to obtain a driving licence. If candidates fail these tests, they won’t be granted a driving licence. It is said that Enfield is one of the most challenging places to earn the tests, and this is why the driving test pass rates in Enfield are meagre. According to a source, Enfield’s driving test pass rate is 36.1%.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishment. Only a few can obtain a driving licence, and you are lucky. Your strenuous efforts and dedication have finally paid off. Now it’s time to celebrate this significant occasion. You can celebrate it by hosting a party at your place or dining out with your family, but we suggest you explore Enfield with your family. This way, you will drive your car for long hours, which will polish your driving skills. So here are a few landmarks that you can visit in Enfield:

  • Myddelton House Gardens: 

You should pay attention to Myddelton House Gardens when you explore the city of Enfield. The landmark covers 8 acres and possesses a compelling story of Edward Augustus Bowles, one of Britain’s most famous self-taught gardeners, artists and expert botanists. The attractive and enchanting place is open round the clock, making it easier for tourists to visit and explore anytime.

The landmark also has attention-grabbing gardens, the best spot for family picnics. Moreover, it has a playland where children can play and enjoy the swings. The landmarks also host exhibitions where thousands of people visit to view the displays.

  • Whitewebbs Museum of Transport: 

If you skip the Whitewebbs Museum of Transport, you will miss something extraordinary. The place has a variety of vehicles where tourists come and view cars along with other means of transport, including trains etc. They also have toys for children to keep them engaged. The most astonishing part of the landmark is that on the top floor, there are WW2 items, including an on-air siren and other unique materials.

Whitewebbs Museum of Transport uses the main building plus several other buildings around a central yard. The museum has modified the main pumping station building over the years to have multiple floors all filled with exhibits.

  • Trent Park: 

Trent Park is your best landmark if you love nature and peace. It is one of the famous spots for couples to date, as the environment is peaceful. The park allows you to have picnics with your friends and families. In addition, children can play easily because the park is massive, so they get a lot of space to run and explore the different areas of the location.

It also has a track where you can easily walk, jog, and ride bicycles. If you wish to eat something, the park has a coffee shop where you can grab a bite.

  • Capel Manor Gardens: 

Capel Manor Gardens tops the spot if you are fond of plants and greenery. The landmark has various plants appealing to your eyes, and you feel refreshed. The gardens are clean and tidy. The place also has a cafe where you can buy anything you like to eat.

The landmark also fascinates children because it has a zoo where animals are kept. Children can visit the zoo and take pictures of the animals residing.

  • Forty Hall & Estate: 


Forty Hall Estate is a grade 1 listed historic house surrounded by extensive woodland and a walled garden. It’s also on the site of the lost palace of Elsyng. It is home to a Cedar of Lebanon, about 350 years old; the gardens are also well worth a look. There’s plenty of space to hike around, including nature trails.

This calm and quiet place is a must-visit for you. Beautifully kept grounds with a variety of flowers and trees. Large pond and a beautiful country house. Free to enter the grounds. It’s lovely to have a place to visit where you can escape the crowds and sit in peace.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

We have witnessed that many drivers drive recklessly, which leads to accidents. So to avoid these accidents, one has to be proficient enough in driving. One must put a lot of effort into driving to become professional and safe.

National Intensive has come up with intensive driving lessons in Enfield that teaches individuals how to become safe drivers. Our coaching staff is backed by years of experience and has in-depth knowledge about driving. We always aim to offer our students the best intensive driving classes in Enfield to make them skilled and safe drivers.


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