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24 / 02 / 23

Intensive Driving Courses in Edinburgh

National Intensive offers intensive driving courses in Edinburgh and most of the UK! Intensive Driving Courses start from as little as just 5 hours, we can offer a male or female driving instructor. We can also help with the theory test as well as intensive driving lessons.

Theory Test Centres in Edinburgh:  

A theory test determines how well a candidate is knowledgeable about driving and its fundamentals. The theory test determines if a candidate is eligible to proceed further or not. Every theory test centre has different sets of questions that they ask from the candidate. National Intensive recommends candidates visit the theory test centre in Edinburgh located at 4 Queen St, Edinburgh EH2 1JE, United Kingdom.

Practical Test Centres in Edinburgh:

Practical tests are the most critical test a candidate must take because it decides whether the candidate qualifies for the criteria for acquiring a driving licence. A practical test determines how well a candidate has a grip on driving. In a practical test, the instructor asks the candidate to drive a bit, including applying brakes, reversing, taking U-turns, etc. We always recommend taking practical tests at Edinburgh practical test centre, located at 13-15 Bryce Road Currie, Edinburgh EH14 5LT.

Edinburgh Driving Test Pass Rates:

Passing driving tests need attention and focus. The determination of a candidate determines whether they will clear the tests. According to a source, two centers in Edinburgh, Currie and Musselburgh, are considered as toughest centres to pass your driving test, and their test pass rates are 47.42% and 54.43%, respectively.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

Assuming that you have cleared your driving test and are a licence holder. It’s time to explore the city of Edinburgh and visit the beautiful places it offers. Edinburgh has many famous and great places to visit. The landmarks include historical places, parks, museums, and much more.

  • Edinburgh Castle: 

Located at the top of the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle is one of the most iconic buildings in the city. Perched on top of an extinct volcano, the castle and its esplanade offers unmatched views of Edinburgh city. One can explore some of the city’s oldest and most important buildings, including St. Margaret’s Chapel, the National War Memorial, and the Half Moon Battery. It is one of the best Edinburgh attractions.

Edinburgh Castle is the most popular paid-for tourist attraction in Scotland. There was a royal palace here from the twelfth century until the 1603 Union of the Crowns with James IV of Scotland’s ascension to the English throne as James.

  • Arthur’s Seat: 

Situated in the luxuriant Holyrood Park, Arthur’s Seat is one of the famous Edinburgh points of interest. Standing 800 feet above sea level, Arthur’s Seat is the highest point in the park, providing breathtaking views of the sea and nearby sites, including attractions like Edinburgh Castle and the Scott Monument.

At any time of the year, Arthur’s Seat will provide a perfect moment of respite away from the city-centre bustle. Whether there’s a gentle snowfall or a bright, sunny day, a short walk around Holyrood Park and up to this landmark will make you feel like you’ve landed in a painting.

  • Calton Hill: 

Wondering what to see in Edinburgh? Visit Calton Hill, where you can see pictures and views of the city. Carlton Hill is a blend of lively commercial areas and quiet housing streets. It is home to the combined contemporary art gallery, the unfinished national monument, bars, and casual eateries cluster around the top of busy Leith Walk, where the Edinburgh Playhouse stages musicals and comedy.

  • National Museum Of Scotland: 

Explore the pleasures of the natural world, discover world cultures, and enthuse treasures from around the world at the National Museum of Scotland. It is among the famous Edinburgh tourist attractions featuring a diverse range of art and design exhibits, interactive displays and games, and a variety of galleries and exhibitions, all in one visually stunning building.

The National Museum has become a top-rated destination for tourists and locals, with children mainly well-catered for. A large, all-ages play area to the rear of the first floor and a more educational play space for older children on the top level.

  • Camera Obscura: 

Reflecting the vibes of Edinburgh’s Old Town, Camera Obscura is one of the most exciting places to visit in Edinburgh. It is a suitably gothic tourist attraction that boasts a visual live ‘tour’ of the city, using the famous Camera Obscura optical illusion to allow visitors to view a panorama of the surrounding area. The view of the city from the turret atop the building is also worth capturing some memorable moments.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

Safe driving is a skill that requires hours of practice and dedication. Safe driving becomes easy when an individual is trained and has spent hours practising safe driving. People who are not trained and have never practised driving can never be safe drivers. You need to invest your time and effort to be a safe driver.

National Intensive has introduced intensive driving courses in Edinburgh that aims to make beginners safe drivers. The coaching staff of National Intensive is highly skilled and trained. Each member of the team has years of experience in driving and has the potential to drive any vehicle.

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