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13 / 02 / 23

Intensive Driving Courses in Durham

National Intensive offers intensive driving courses in Durham and most of the UK! Intensive Driving Courses start from as little as just 5 hours, we can offer a male or female driving instructor. We can also help with the theory test as well as intensive driving lessons.

National Intensive tends to fill this gap by offering intensive driving courses in Durham. The course aims to provide students with in-depth driving knowledge.

Theory Test Centres in Durham:

Theory tests are taken to test your knowledge about driving and its fundamentals. Someone must clear their theory tests to qualify for the second step for the driving licence. Every theory test centre has its criteria for passing the tests. National Intensive recommends taking theory tests at the Durham theory test centre located at  Suite 1 Abbeywoods Business Park Abbey Road Durham DH1 5TH.

Practical Test Centres in Durham:

Without clearing the practical test, no one can attain a driving licence. A practical driving licence is taken to evaluate an individual’s driving skills and determine if he/she deserves the driving licence. A practical test revolves around testing a candidate’s driving ethics and techniques. Most young people fail to pass their practical test on the first attempt. National Intensive suggests candidates take their practical driving test at the practical test centre Durham located at 1st Floor Enna House, Whitfield Court Industrial Estate, St Johns Rd, Meadowfield, County Durham, DH7 8XL.

Durham Driving Test Pass Rates:

People who clear both of their tests are given a driving licence, but the ones who fail their tests either have to retake their tests or get intensive driving courses in Durham to be prepared for the tests. We have gathered information to give you a brief idea of the percentage of people who pass their driving tests. According to a source, Durham’s driving test pass rate is 60%.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

International tourists in the UK make sure they visit the famous landmarks in the city of Durham. Visiting Durham is always on every tourist’s bucket list because the city is occupied by great and famous places that are rich in history and beauty. Since you are a resident of the city of Durham and you have attained a driving licence, it’s a must for you to explore Durham. Here is the list of some of the must-view places in Durham;

1) Duke University:  

It was named Trinity college until 1924. Duke University is one of the top colleges in the United Kingdom and is known for its rigorous degree programs and world-class sports activities. Duke University is endowed by the cigarette fortune of the Duke family.

The college’s main campus is Georgian style, while the west campus has neo-Gothic architecture – making the university a perfect spot for walking through. You can do a self-tour or jump on an admission tour where the staff educates you about the history of this top institute.

2) Duke University Lemur Center:

The spot has always been the top priority to explore for tourists. Just two miles from the main campus, this is the most extensive collection of endangered primates outside Madagascar, their native country. The centre provides tourists with guided tours, but the tours are booked in advance. The Duke University Lemur Center is focused on research, scholarships, and conservation.

They aim to promote a deep appreciation of our planet’s incredible biodiversity and the inherent power behind new scientific discoveries. It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with these wide-eyed fuzzy creatures.

3) West Point on the Eno River: 

This park along the Eno River covers over 400 acres and has three historic buildings. It’s the perfect combination of history and natural scenery. Five miles of nature trails follow the river and some surrounding bluffs. There’s also a theatre, followed by fishing areas, rapids that are incredible for paddling, and facilities required to host picnics.

The main spot of the park is West Point Mill, which was one of 32 mills along the river; it was rebuilt on the site of the largest mill. At its height, it was the centre of a 300-family community. It’s a working mill once again, and you can buy products there at the shop.

Take a tour of the restored mill owners’ home and the old tobacco pack house – which is now home to the Hugh Mangum Museum of Photography.

4) Bennett Place:

In April 1865, the largest troop surrender of Confederate soldiers occurred at Bennett Place, effectively ending the American Civil War. Confederate general Joseph E. Johnson held a meeting with his enemy, General William T. Sherman, and surrendered all the southern armies in Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas.

Today you get to explore the museum gallery and historic structures the museum has stored for years, watch special re-enactments, and visit a theatre that displays a short movie named ‘Dawn of Peace.’ You can also explore the Everett-Thissen Research Library, which has more than 1,000 books on the Civil War era.

5) Nasher Museum of Art:

The spot is a part of the Duke University system; The Nasher is home to an incredible collection of international and contemporary pieces. The building itself is a futuristic cube that praises more than 10,000 works of art inside, with respect.

The four permanent collections include pre-Columbian Art of the Americas, Medieval Art, Classical Antiquities, and modern contemporary, concentrating on the African diaspora.

This is one of the best university collections in the country.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

National Intensive brings a life-changing opportunity for individuals who want to get their hands dirty on driving. National Intensive provides intensive driving classes in Durham to train people. We ensure that our trainers provide candidates with the best training possible to make them safe drivers.

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