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16 / 12 / 22

Intensive Driving Courses In Doncaster

The fear of learning to drive can sometimes put people off from ever starting. Sometimes it’s better to throw yourself in the deep end and book an intensive course in Doncaster. Intensive driving courses are very helpful because it lets you overcome your fear and boosts your confidence. Furthermore, the instructors also help students drive fearlessly and instruct them on handling any situation. This lowers the probability of encountering accidents and helps in becoming a proficient driver.

Intensive driving courses in Doncaster are conducted by trained coaches who are experienced in driving. They emphasise students practising more and more to become expert drivers.

Theory Test Centres in Doncaster:

National Intensive suggests candidates apply for their theory tests from the theory tests centre in Doncaster, located at Suite 18, Fraser House, Netherhall Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN1 2PW. Theory tests determine the knowledge of a candidate taking theory tests. If a candidate manages to pass the theory test, he/she is promoted to the next level.

Practical Test Centres in Doncaster:

We always recommend Doncaster practical test centre for practical tests, which is located at Heather Court, Shaw Wood Way, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN2 5YL. Practical tests focus on the driving etiquettes of an individual and how well the candidate analyses a situation and executes accordingly. A pro driver who has taken intensive driving lessons in Doncaster will never fail the practical exam because he/she is well-practised.

Doncaster Driving Test Pass Rates:

Doncaster has a very low driving test pass rate because the individuals taking driving tests in Doncaster are unprepared and lack knowledge. If you talk about the driving test pass rate in Doncaster, according to a source, it is 44%. To get prepared, taking intensive driving courses in Doncaster is essential.  

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

Now it’s time to celebrate your success. There can be various ways of celebrating this huge success, but I recommend exploring the city of Doncaster. The reason for exploring the city is that you will discover new places in Doncaster which you have never seen before and you will get to practise driving for continuous hours. So here I will list down some of the most popular and exciting places in Doncaster to explore with your friends and family.

  • Brodsworth Hall and Gardens: 

Brodsworth Hall and Gardens is a place you can not miss. The place oozes both history and splendour. Brodsworth Hall and Gardens was built in 1860 and has been kept reserved since then. This remarkable spot shows a realistic glimpse of what Victorian life was like. The magnificent country estate is one of the tourist attractions in Doncaster.

The spot is known for its realness, and you can also see exactly how Sylvia Grant-Dalton left it in 1988. Now things have changed because you can take a guided tour through Brodsworth Hall and Gardens and educate yourself about the history of Victorian life. It’s a must-visit tourist place – colourful and superbly manicured, they’ve been restored to their Victorian prime. The opening hours of the spot are Daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

  • South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum: 

South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum is a must-visit spot if you are into aviation or want to learn about it. It’s a spot where you can spend hours without being exhausted or tired. South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum is located on the former site of RAF Doncaster. The museum displays aircraft from the 20th century to modern times.

The opening hours of the spot are from Tuesday–Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm (until 4 pm in winter). You can take your family along and discover various collections of aeroplanes and helicopters, and military jets. During the hours in the museum, if you get hungry, you can grab a bite from the fast food shop within the museum.

  • The Vulcan Experience: 

The Vulcan allows you to step into the cockpit of the legendary cold war bomber. The Vulcan Experience gives aviation enthusiasts a hands-on tour of the iconic Cold War bomber namesake. Following her final flight in 2015, XH558 now resides at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, where you can have the opportunity to look around the aircraft.

Learn about its unique features and history with a tour of the famous delta underwing. You can watch a presentation about the work currently being carried out on the aircraft and see the bomb bay doors swing open and the control surfaces exercised. You’ll even get the chance to be shown around the cockpit by an engineer. You don’t need to be an aviation expert to appreciate this incredible and memorable experience.

  • Conisbrough Castle: 

Conisbrough Castle is South Yorkshire’s most amazing landmark, with its popular 12th-century castle hill, which stands tall for tourists. The Castle is located just southwest of Doncaster, in the neighbouring village of Conisbrough, which was once possessed by Richard of York and is now a popular English Heritage property.

The Castle is steeped in history, with an astonishing visitors centre, a small and unique museum, and a gift shop. Spend hours discovering the ruins of the castle grounds, then use the stairs of the superbly preserved keep and enjoy the panoramic views from the top.

  • The Point: 

The Point is one of Doncaster’s true hidden gems, a safe space to visit for anyone wanting to relax, unwind, get creative and try something new. The Point is the home of darts (Doncaster Community Arts), where a dedicated team of artists, musicians, performers, and makers work together to provide creative workshops and programs.

Its main aim is to improve people’s emotional health and well-being. Open to anyone and people of all ages; you don’t have to enrol in a program to experience the benefits of The Point. Inside, you’ll find a café, a gallery, and a tranquil gallery garden.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

To understand in-depth the traits of a safe driver, one has to take intensive driving classes in Doncaster. These classes are conducted by professionals backed by years of experience, safe drivers, and can drive efficiently in any part of the world. The classes teach you about a safe driver’s traits and how you can become one.

So contact us if you are interested in taking intensive driving lessons in Doncaster.

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