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01 / 11 / 22

Intensive Driving Courses in Colchester

Driving is one of the most underrated abilities on the planet. The majority of people take it for granted. They think anyone can learn to drive and become a driver, but this is not the case. To become a driver, you need to work hard and practice daily. Learning to drive is filled with stress, patience, fear, anxiety, and consistency. One has to go through all these traits when acquiring driving skills. Without assistance from a professional driver can result in accidents, and you may lose your life. Hundreds of people lose their lives on roads worldwide just because of a lack of driving skills.

The fear of losing your life never allows you to learn to drive. To get rid of this fear, get intensive driving courses in Colchester. The institute’s professionals teach you from the basics to the pro level. They give you the road sense and knowledge about cars, and most importantly, they make you an expert driver. Once you get intensive driving lessons in Colchester, you can drive anywhere.

Theory Test Centres in Colchester:

Since you are new to driving, let us tell you that you must take a theory test to acquire a driving license. We understand that a newcomer is unaware of the theory test centres in Colchester, so we have found a theory test centre to make things easier for you. The centre is located southwest of the town, Ground Floor, Block F, The Knowledge Gateway, Nesfield Road, Colchester, CO4 3ZL. You can book your appointment by ringing them.

Practical Test Centres in Colchester:

Now that you have cleared your theory test, the next test you need to take is the practical test, where the examiner asks you to drive a car. The examiner would judge your driving skills and allocate you a rating based on your driving skills. To take your practical test, you can head to Colchester practical centre, located at Grange Way, Essex, Colchester, CO2 8HF.

Colchester Driving Test Pass Rates:

People taking driving tests often fail the exams. This leads them to depression. This is why it is always instructed to take driving tests after acquiring an intensive driving course in Colchester. One of the benefits of taking tests after training is that the chances of failing the exam are lessened. Colchester is considered one of the most challenging places to take driving tests because the exam is problematic, resulting in fewer people clearing it. The test pass rate in Colchester is 43.9 percent.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

Finally, your hard work has paid off! Now is the time to relax and enjoy your driving license by giving yourself a treat or something. I would suggest you grab your car keys and explore the city of Colchester. Colchester is full of beautiful places and landmarks where you can enjoy natural and artificial beauty. You can visit with your family or friends. Having great company boosts your energy and doubles your enjoyment and excitement. So I’m going to write down some of the top-notch places in Colchester that you should not miss while exploring the city. The places are:

1) Colchester Zoo: 

If you are fond of animals and want to explore more species, then Colchester Zoo is not the place to be missed. The Zoo has 220 species worldwide that live within 60 acres of the Colchester Zoo. One of the best locations within the Zoo is the underwater tunnel at the Patagonia sea lion pool. You will come across some Komodo Dragon, get to hear a lion roaring, and elephants moving their trunks. The impressive Zoo also has a lake which is a beautiful piece of attraction for families and children.

2) Colchester Castle: 

Colchester Castle has to be one of the most attractive places in Colchester. The Castle was built in the 1070s under the rule of William-the conqueror. The Castle is still well-preserved and reminds the history of Colchester with its vintage pictures.

3) Beth Chatto’s Plants & Gardens: 

Are you a nature lover looking for serenity? You will find it in Beth Chatto’s Plants & Gardens. The gardens cover six-plus acres of land, and the serenity it displays is mind-blowing. The place is like heaven for you and is only six plays away from the city centre. The idea of these fabulous gardens was of Beth Chatto and her husband, executed in the 1960s. The sprawling utopia is one of the most beautiful and unique gardens you will come across. The place holds various other gardens, giving you a new environment.

When Beth purchased the land, she was unaware and confused about changing this unruly gravel into beautiful gardens. She then worked hard and planted flowers and bushes, turning the place into delightful gardens.

4) Castle Park: 

I believe you won’t miss this beautiful Castle park surrounding Colchester Castle. If you don’t visit this park, you will miss out on something unique. It is one of the best spots if you are with your family. The place is filled with beautiful greenery, bright blossoms, and lakes. The park was built 2000 years ago and covered 11 acres of land. The town’s Roman Walls divide the garden into upper and lower sections. The park holds a significant historical role and is listed on the English Register of Parks and Gardens.

It’s an excellent spot for picnics, parties, concerts, and firework shows on occasions like new year and Christmas. The landmark also has a playground, mini golf course, and bouncy Castle, making it a perfect place for kids.

5) Ruins of St. Botolph’s Priory:

 Do you want to forget that you are living in the 21st century? The ruins of St. Botolph’s Priory are the place. The place was founded in 1100. The majority of St. Botolph’s Priory was abolished by cannon fire during the English civil war in 1648. Today the ruins of the war can be seen at the spot.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

Becoming a safe driver is a skill only a few successfully attain. It requires hard work, practice, patience, confidence, knowledge, and consistency. You may learn how to drive without proper training, but you can never be a safe driver. The qualities of a safe driver are they have no fear, confidence in their driving skills, and command over their driving.

You cannot call yourself a safe driver until you take intensive driving lessons Colchester. The institute’s highly skilled trainers educate their students on becoming safe drivers. The technical aspects of driving are their specialty, making them perfect for safe driving. If you also want to become a safe driver, get intensive driving classes in Colchester.

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