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24 / 10 / 22

Intensive Driving Courses in Chelmsford

Driving is a skill that needs to be learned. No one can drive proficiently without proper training, especially during rush hours and on busy roads.  Drivers driving recklessly is one of the main reason for accidents. They put their lives, as well as others’ lives, at risk. Here at National Intensive, we make sure all learner drivers are at a safe overall standard, before putting them in for their driving test. As part of the intensive driving course, you can go from complete beginner, to test ready within as a little as one week.

Learning to drive is an essential skill to have, it can open up many job opportunities and improve your overall lifestyle. The course we offer enhances the candidate’s confidence level and encourages them to obtain their driving licence much quicker, than the traditional method of weekly lessons.

Theory Test Centres in Chelmsford:

Once you have got your provisional driving licence, the next step is to take the theory test. The city of Chelmsford is quite big, so there are several theory centres where you can take your test. We advise you to visit the Chelmsford theory test centre near ODEON Chelmsford, close to Meadows Shopping Centre. Reaching the centre is no issue because transportation services are available from every part of the city which heads to the centre.

Practical Test Centres in Chelmsford:

The job is not finished yet. After clearing the theory test, comes the practical test. The practical test centre is located at Hanbury Road, Widford Industrial Estate, Essex, Chelmsford, CM1 3DR. The practical test involves a driving test, a medical test, and an eye test. You can also visit other practical test centres in Westford, Lowell, Dracut, and Bedford.

Chelmsford Driving Test Pass Rates:

Since the tests are pretty challenging, most of the people taking tests often fail to pass. The pass rates in Chelmsford are 55%. In 2021, 1260 people took the driving test, out of which 697 could pass. For the people who fail the test, it is recommended to give it another shot because surviving without a driving licence is tough. Travelling becomes complicated if you don’t have a driving licence.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

You have successfully gotten a driving licence after going through a quicker process. This should be treated as a success because it is something to be proud of. To treat yourself, you can visit some famous landmarks in Chelmsford. The places include some historical landmarks that take you back to the UK’s history. Moreover, you can spend hours at some places and have lunch and dinner. So here is the list of the landmarks which are must-view places:

1) Hylands Estate: Hylands Estate tops the list of places to see around Chelmsford. The city council of Chelmsford rescued this villa from dereliction in 1966. The mansion then started hosting festivals, children’s days, and markets on its grounds. The restoration work lasted till 2005, and now the villa is rented out for weddings. The fancy look of the building with vintage interiors takes you back to the 1730s.

A block of the building is occupied by a gift shop, cafe, and studio. The landmark is open seven days a week, and visitors can enjoy the beautiful gardens of the 574-acre country park. The children’s playground is located at the entrance of the building and has won several awards.

2) Chelmsford Cathedral: The building was once known as St Mary church, which became Chelmsford Cathedral in 1914. The church was constructed in the 13th century but was renovated in the 1400s and 1500s. It is popular because it is the third smallest Cathedral in the UK and contains a lot of stonework in the lower part of the chancel.

The Cathedral is a must-visit place for families because it has gardens which offer you incredible scenery and you can take some fantastic pictures. Many construction works were done in the 1900s to make it look better and more modern.

3) Chelmsford Museum: It is a high-quality museum that deserves your visit. It is located in Essex. The setting of the Museum is impressive, which persuades the viewer to take a deeper look at the building. It also features the past of Chelmsford.

You can also learn more about history, such as the local industry, electrical engineering works, radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company, and other works and inventions of some great employers of the past.

4) Central Park: Are you looking for a place to relax peacefully? Central Park is. Central Park curls along the north bank of the River Can in the centre of Chelmsford. It is divided into meadows, a nature reserve, and a large lake with swans.

While roaming around Central park, don’t forget to walk along the River Can. The mesmerIzing feeling lets you relieve stress and feel the atmosphere with your friends and family.

5) Essex Police Museum: This police museum gives you a trip through more than 100 years of justice and policing. The Museum’s history shows how brutal and harsh justice was back in the 20th century. The Museum is located at the Essex police headquarters next to Chelmsford prison.

The Museum has preserved the death mask of Frederick Browne, who was convicted of the murder of a policeman in 1928 and was hanged till death after four months. You can also find other criminals’ face masks with their histories and crimes. Youngsters can wear a police officer outfit and get the prints done.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

Becoming a driver is not the primary goal. The goal is to become a safe driver for ourselves and others. A safe driver drives slowly according to the speed limit and ensures they do not encounter any accidents. They apply brakes perfectly when needed and slow down their speed on busy roads.

Now the question of where we can learn to become safe drivers pops up. National Intensive is the company that offers intensive driving lessons in Chelmsford to beginners and intermediates and makes them proficient drivers. After taking intensive driving lessons, one can drive without fear of accidents or any other type of mishap.




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