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07 / 10 / 22

Intensive Driving Courses In Carlisle

Inexperienced and unskilled drivers who encounter accidents develop a fear of driving. Fear of driving prevents learning to drive and causes stress and depression. Certain reasons could refrain individuals from driving. The reasons could be meeting with accidents, fear of driving in rush hours, lack of route knowledge, and many more.

To eradicate the fear of driving, you must take an Intensive driving course at Carlisle. The course enables you to drive without any fear. You can drive skillfully, no matter how busy or rough the road is. We understand that learning to drive is quite tough as it rotates around stress, anxiety, and fear, but you can become a great driver at the end of the day.

Theory Test Centres in Carlisle:

To acquire a driving licence, you have to take some tests. The first test that you have to take is the theory test. There are many theory test centres, but the main centre is Carlisle Theory Test Centre, located in northern England Cumbria. The address of the centre is 10A Lowther Street. There are many other centres in the nearby areas, such as Brampton and Wigton.

Practical Test Centres in Carlisle:

Now it’s time to take a practice test to attain a driving licence. We have found a practical test centre to make your job easier. The test centre is located at HillCrest Avenue, Carlisle. Once you have cleared your theory and practical tests, you will be given a driving licence to drive around Carlisle.

Carlisle Driving Test Pass Rates:

Passing the driving test is not easy as the test rotates around a theoretical and practical examination of driving. According to a survey, the test pass rate in Carlisle is 31.5 percent. This means 78.5 percent of the people who take driving tests to attain a driving licence fail the test. Professionals suggest that one should have basic driving knowledge and practical experience before taking the driving test.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

The city of Carlisle has some great places to visit. Now that you can drive, you must visit those places and take a city tour with your friends and family. Exploring the city not just freshens your mind but also boosts your confidence in driving, and the fear of driving vanishes. So what are you waiting for? Grab your car keys and get going. Here is the list of places in Carlisle that you must explore for entertainment and enjoyment:

1) Carlisle Castle:

Carlisle castle is known as the heart of Carlisle. It is a stone’s throw from the Scottish border. Over 900 years, the castle has been attacked countless times by the Celts and Scots. The castle has kept some prisoners too. One of them was Mary, who was the queen of Scots. Today, Carlisle Castle is one of the most loved tourist places in the city. The best part of the castle that attracts tourists is it allows tourists to climb up the ramparts and enjoy the view of the city. You can also learn about the history of the castle. It has also hosted multiple exhibitions on Bonnie Prince Charlie.

2) Carlisle Cathedral:

Carlisle Cathedral is the second smallest Cathedral in the Uk after Oxford. The beauty of the building grabs the attention of the passers-by and urges them to stop for a few minutes. The building is beautifully constructed inside out. The church was built in 1122, making it one of England’s oldest churches. Since then, several things have been installed in the building; most
of it is still the same.

The architecture of the building is Gothic, which is from the 13th and 14th centuries. The most attractive feature of the Cathedral is the beautiful stained-glass windows. These windows are from a hundred years ago.

3) Hadrian’s Wall:

It’s a must-see place for everyone who is visiting Carlisle. It is a Roman structure that 15,000 men built. It took six years to build it. The structure of the building was designed and constructed to protect the northwestern border of the great Roman empire. This impressive building covers an area of up to 70 miles and is only punctuated by castles, barracks, forts, and towers at set intervals.

There are multiple ways of exploring the wall. For the ones who are healthy and energetic, the wall offers the option of walking along the National trial, or you can cycle around Hadrian’s cycleway. This might take a few days, but the views you come across along the way are astonishing. It is one of the most adventurous and fun places for many.

4) Birdoswald Roman Fort:

The Birdoswald Roman Fort is best if you want a day trip. This fort has been preserved; you can imagine life here 2,000 years ago when you visit. The Visitor Centre provides you with the knowledge of life and the story of Birdoswald Roman Fort and the people who reside here.

The location is special and full of knowledge and excitement. It’s a perfect place if you are visiting it with your family. You get to enjoy yourself a lot here.

5) Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery:

It is a top-notch museum built in the 1890s, but the modern renovations were made in the 90s and 2000s. In the Roman Frontier gallery, you learn about the wall’s finer details and view the building’s reliefs, stelae, a Roman mask, jewellery, a preserved boot, oil lamps, and a trove of day-to-day items. The place refreshes your mind. The infrastructure of the building is mind-blowing and grabs your attention.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

You probably won’t learn to drive because of the fear of accidents. We can understand what a person goes through when seeing rough accidents daily. It develops fairness in a person who doesn’t let a person learn to drive.

We are here to hold your hand if you are looking for professional Intensive Driving lessons in Carlisle. We provide our customers with the safest driving training, making them proficient and safe drivers. Our coaches are backed by years of experience and are equipped with driving knowledge. So don’t waste your time; get Intensive Driving classes, and become an expert driver.

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