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17 / 10 / 22

Intensive Driving Courses In Bromley

Have you ever wondered what the qualities of a great driver are? A great driver is never involved in any accident and drives safely. This level of proficiency is attained after hours of practising and putting your stress and fears aside. Whoever drives with fear ends up meeting with accidents because a lack of confidence urges them to make the wrong decisions at the wrong time. This is why hundreds of accidents are reported in every part of the world.

Do you want to become a confident driver? Get intensive driving courses, Bromley. The course enables you to think with a broader mind and boosts your confidence. It also teaches you how to control your temper on the roads and what safety precautions you need to take while driving.

Theory Test Centres in Bromley:

A theory test is a very first step to attaining a driving licence. Looking for a theory test centre can be a hectic process. To save you from stress, we have found a theory test centre in Bromley, located just off the A2212 near King’s Meadow Playing Fields. The centre is not far from the city and is accessible to everyone.

Practical Test Centres in Bromley:

If you take our suggestion, we suggest you visit the practical test centre Bromley located at 121 to 123 Burnt-Ash Lane Bromley Kent. The test centre is located in a residential area, so there are no parking issues. Moreover, it is near the city centre, but if you wish to visit any other test centre, you can check out Biggin Hill, Hayes, or Mottingham test centres.

Bromley Driving Test Pass Rates:

Since obtaining a driving licence is tough; most people fail to qualify. On average, only 45.9% of candidates successfully obtain a driving licence. People without any training or course take driving tests which fail. Enrolling in intensive driving classes before taking tests is why it is always recommended. This reduces the chances of failure, and you successfully pass the test.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

Congratulations on your achievement. Since you have attained your driving licence, you must treat yourself by exploring the city of Bromley. By visiting different places, you will feel the excitement of your accomplishment and enjoy driving.

1) Crystal Palace Park:

The palace has a great history. It was constructed and designed to be the venue for the enlarged crystal palace of the great exhibition, which was held in 1851. The purpose of this palace was to impress and educate, along with grabbing the attention of the tourists visiting the palace. The park has always fulfilled its purpose and is one of the greatest attractions for tourists in the UK. Recently it has been converted into a home to the National sports centre and has many activities that can be enjoyed. The opening hours of the park are from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm.

2) Chislehurst Caves:

Chislehurst Caves are man-made caves that take you back to the thirteenth century. The caves have been the main focus of archaeological studies for more than a hundred years. It is said that they were made by the Druids, Romans, and Saxons. The caves have been used for various purposes over the years. These caves are best to go with your children as it allows them to play and educate them about the history of these caves and the purposes it was used back then.

3) Church House Gardens:

Church House Garden is the best place to relax and enjoy the fresh air with your family. If you are a nature lover, the location offers you walks through old trees and canal sidewalks. The garden has recently expanded its playground for children with slides and other swings where children of every age group can play easily since the hilly garden is also a good place to exercise.

4) Crofton Roman Villa:

If you are an archaeology lover, you can’t miss the Crofton Roman Villa. The 500 acres of the villa were occupied as the centre of a farming estate from 140 AD to 400 AD. You can still find farms and meadows around the roundabout of the villa. Out of the 20 rooms in the villa, ten are available for the view but through a guided tour offered by archaeologists. During the tour, you will come across great findings that have been unveiled in the house, and you can take pictures with them. You can also plan to have your lunch as the mansion has a great restaurant that offers delicious food at an affordable price.

5) Jubilee Country Park:

At Jubilee Country park, you will get to see beautiful woodlands and meadows where various types of species get to live. You can explore 62 acres with multiple types of wildflower meadows and ancient woodland. The Jubilee Country Park lets you enjoy the unpopular species that are rarely found anywhere. In addition, this amazing place never lets your expectations down because the location has a lot that can be explored. The park is located at Thornet Wood Road, London BR5 1DA.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

People often run away from driving because they believe driving means risking lives. The mindset is developed because they have witnessed rough accidents in which the driver loses their life. This fear has caused them to think that driving is not their cup of tea.

Intensive driving lessons in Bromley offers great driving classes that will not just make you a good driver but also it will help you to overcome your fears. This is where our training school plays its part. At our school, you will be trained to react to tough situations, when to apply brakes, your average speed limit, and basic driving ethics. Our coaches are backed by experience in other training institutes and have trained hundreds of freshies.

So what is stopping you from taking intensive driving classes? Bromley, book your slot now and get started with your training with our experts.   

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