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11 / 10 / 22

Intensive Driving Courses In Bradford

Some people believe driving is not their cup of tea. The fear of driving has caused them to think this way. Driving is an integral part of everyone’s daily life. Driving is a skill that is used to commute from one place to another. Although, it can be dangerous if done recklessly. Every day hundreds of people lose their lives just because of accidents.

To become an expert driver, one needs to take Intensive Driving Courses, Bradford. The course helps individuals to develop road sense and become expert drivers. The course revolves around theoretical as well as practical knowledge and practices.

Theory Test Centres in Bradford:

Once you have decided to get a driving license, you must take a theory test first. Theory tests are conducted in centres where the professionals ask theory questions related to driving and its fundamentals. Theory test centre is within Auburn House, on Upper Piccadilly. The A1677 ring road loops around Bradford. The centre provides access to the main city from all directions. Towns such as Bingley, Ilkley, and Keighley also have centres that conduct theory tests.

Practical Test Centres in Bradford:

After taking the theory test, the next step is to take the practical test. If you take our advice, the best centre for practical tests is located on Fairfield Street. It is the best option for the residents living in north Bradford. If you feel like visiting other centres, you can go to the Thornbury test centre. Thornbury test centre is located in East Bradford.

Bradford Driving Test Pass Rates:

A driver can never be perfect at driving. Every driver, at least once in a lifetime, meets with an accident. So to reduce the accident rate, driving tests are conducted to make sure the candidate can drive. According to a survey, Bradford’s driving test pass rate is 42% on average. This shows that 58% of people fail their driving test, but this doesn’t mean you should get disheartened. You must work hard on your driving so that you can clear the driving test.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test:

Acquiring a driving license is like a dream come true. Since you have accomplished it, you must explore new and different places with your friends and family. As Bradford is a big city, it is equipped with many places that could be explored. Below listed are the most loved and visited places in Bradford, which you can also visit to treat yourself after this great achievement.

1) Bradford Industrial Museum: 

Bradford industrial museum is a must-visit place. The Museum specializes in the local industry. You can explore Bradford’s importance in the industrial revolution and how it helped grow the Uk’s economy. Bradford once ruled the textile industry and was one of the top wool exporters. The Museum is set inside an original textile industry and equipped with all the tools and machinery used in manufacturing and production. It also includes pictures and paintings that give visitors a deep look at how production processes worked.

2) National Media Museum: 

It is considered a heaven for pop lovers and for everyone who is into modern-day media. The Museum is full of galleries that highlight television, animation, film, drama, photography, video games, radio, and the internet.

3) Lister Park: 

It is one of the largest parks in Bradford. The greenery makes it the most popular public park for families to enjoy a sunny day. The park has many flower gardens that can be explored in summer and spring. The park also has great activities that attract children and families. The activities include a basketball court, playground for children, tennis court, and boating lake. Mughal’sIsland is one of the most attractive places, situated within the park’s premises. The unique feature of the island is that it comprises Indian and Islamic architecture, all focused on water channels.

4) Bronte Parsonage Museum: 

If you are a literature lover, then you can’t ignore Bronte Parsonage Museum. The Bronte society runs the Museum in honor of three Bronte sisters named Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. These three sisters have contributed to the literature, and the professionals of the field acknowledge their contribution. The visitors of the Museum are mostly those who are fond of literature and want to know more about the three sisters and their contributions to the literature. The Museum is located in the former home of the sisters near Bradford. Belongings of the three sisters, such as their writing desk, letters, and diaries, are in the Museum.

5) Bradford Alhambra: 

Do you watch theatre drama plays? Even if you don’t watch, Bradford Alhambra will urge you to watch a theatre play. It is one of the largest theatres in Bradford, which was built in 1913. The building has amazing architecture; the best part is that it is recognizable from the skyline. The theatre has hosted thousands of shows, including drama, musicals, dance, and science. The theatre also offers a great restaurant with delicious food. It is one of the best places for fun in Bradford.

How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?

Anyone can be a driver, but it requires time and effort to become a safe driver. Becoming a safe driver is a stressful process. It involves fear, stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, and failure. Taking Intensive driving classes Bradford can get you through these obstacles.

We have got experienced drivers who have been driving for the past 25 years. They are aware of all the theoretical and technical aspects of driving. Our Intensive driving lessons will make you an expert driver who can drive in any part of the world. After enrolling in our course, you will be a good driver and driver who can drive on rough roads.

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