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11 / 08 / 22

Intensive Driving Courses In Birmingham

Driving in a city like Birmingham – can be a bit challenging for a learner driver. Here at National Intensive, we offer intensive driving courses that can help you get on the road without the long wait. For the most part, learners know that regular weekly driving lessons aren’t the only preference on the market – intensive courses are growing in popularity.

You would be allocated a fully qualified driving instructor. A suitable test date to accommodate your needs, and our team would assist with any of your queries before or after you make a booking for an intensive driving course with National Intensive. We offer a one-stop shop for the customer, we can also book your theory test if required and we even offer theory training – Find Out More

Read on to find out more about our driving courses in the Birmingham.

Practical Test Centres in Birmingham

In terms of practical test, Birmingham’s learner have got many choices, with at least six test centres: Cooks Moors WoodsKings HeathSouth YardleyKingstandingSutton Coldfield and Garretts Green.

The pass rate for practical tests in the UK is 46.4% in 2019-20 – while over 54.5% Brit’s will fail their test on the first attempt. This means that actually most of the learners will have to undergo test stress several times. The pass rate at Cook Moors Woods centre was 42.5%. If we talk about the pass rates for other practical tests as mentioned above: it ranges from 31.7% to 41.9%. If you’re in a bit of a flap over these pass rates, calm down! As long as you pay attention to your instructor, you would be able to confront anything on the day of your practical test. Using this page, you can find out the nearest practical test centre.

Theory Test Centres in Birmingham

With a huge number of practical test centres in Birmingham, there are theory test centres as well. The Birmingham Theory Test Centre – located in a central city with an easy access with well connected transport connections.

How do I get there?

If you are going to Birmingham Theory Test Centre you need at least 15 minutes in advance of the test. The location is just on the western edge of the city centre on the 154-155 Great Charles Street, First Floor, Queensway Birmingham.

In view of test centre’s central location, there are several parking facilities in the area. If you would like to consider parking options, you can visit here.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Landmarks in Birmingham

Birmingham, a city centre is full of Southern charm with endless options to experience and discover something new. The streets are crowded with stores and numerous places to dine in. Here’s a list of famous landmarks in Birmingham (UK):

Bullring and Grand Central Shopping Mall

Since 2015, the Grand Central Shopping Mall, part of the Bullring Estate has been a place to shop yourself with stylish wardrobe pieces, to be amused by a fantastic meal with a variety of fine dining options from casual to fast food.

For getting in there, plan your route using this direction.

The Hall of Memory

The Hall of Memory, established in 1925 to pay a tribute to soldiers who sacrifice their lives during World War I, World War II and all armed conflicts since 1945. It is located in Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HF. Over the year, numerous ceremonies are held to applaud the memories.

Winterbourne House and Garden

Winterbourne House and Garden –  historic house and garden nestled in a leafy corner of Birmingham. A hidden gem with unique heritage attraction allocated within seven acres of appealing botanic gardens with over 6,000 plant species from across the world.

It is only a few miles away from the city centre where you can travel using car, train, bus or bike. It also facilitates parking spaces for more than 50 cars on site.

Aston Hall

A magnificent first historical building as a public museum with red-brick mansion located in the north side of Birmingham. The visitors walk through its amazing interiors and enjoy peaceful time with family.

Find out everything you need to know when visiting Aston Hall, check here.




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