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30 / 08 / 22

Intensive Driving Courses in Bath

Intensive driving courses are learner driver courses designed to teach novice drivers how to drive safely on the road. Private driving schools typically offer them. Intensive driving courses differ from standard driver education courses in several ways. They typically last a few days or weeks and cover traffic laws and regulations, vehicle maintenance, defensive driving skills, and safe practices at intersections and other high-risk locations.

Driving can be a frustrating and difficult experience when you don’t know how to handle the roads or you’re constantly in fear of getting in a car accident.

It is frustrating to spend hours on driving courses only for the instructors to say that you aren’t test-ready. National Intensive has taken a different approach by offering comprehensive and intensive driving courses in Bath. For example, a course in Bath lasts 5 hours, which is one of our shortest courses. Our driving instructor will get you up to speed with what you need to know and get you test ready.

Practical Test Centres in Bath

Driving is one of the most important skills to have in life, as it allows for safe transportation and frees time for us to do what we enjoy. However, many people have a hard time passing their tests because they’re too nervous, which is dangerous. Taking your driving test is not an easy task. If you are nervous about the test, try our course for a fraction of the price. We’ll ensure you pass easily and help you understand what to do on your first ride (no pun intended).

It’s important to pick a location where you’ll have the best chance of passing your driving exam. For the DVSA to do its best, centres must be close to major roads and motorways, so there is plenty of choice for testers. They chose not to use a test centre in Bath when making these calculations.

There are three options that are relatively equidistant from Bath itself:

1. Trowbridge.
2. Bristol Kingswood.
3. Bristol Brislington.

Theory Test Centres in Bath

A driving theory test is a test given to drivers to determine their driving ability. It is the first step to gaining a driving licence and can be required for some professions such as taxi driving, bus driving, lorry driving, and train driving.

Many people in the Bath area will have to travel outside the city centre to take their theory test, an expensive process that could have been avoided. If you are looking for somewhere close by, there are plenty of options. You can try:

1. Frome.
2. Bristol.
3. Gloucester.

Driving Test Routes in Bath

The driving test has been designed to help people prepare for their local driving test, and it helps them to pass with flying colours. In order to take the driving test, you must be 18 years old and pass theory tests on how to use a car’s controls, how to drive safely, and how to behave on roads. Our website has various helpful resources to help you pass your local driving test and ensure you are ready to drive on public roads.

The DVSA is always opening up its roadmaps. It doesn’t provide distances or directions, but it gives you insight into where it might have similar or slightly different routes. Candidates can use videos of Bath test routes to support their driving tests.

Areas Which We Cover

National Intensive offers intensive driving lessons in the Bath area for intensive drivers. We have fully trained DVSA-approved instructors, and our driving school in Bath provides top-class driving lessons for all learners. With professional help from a driving instructor, your driving test will be in a safe and controlled environment. This allows all the skills and techniques you need to pass the test and start driving safely today.

We cover Bathwick, Combe Down, Kingsmead, Lambridge, Lansdown, Moorlands, Newbridge, Odd Down, Oldfield Park, Southdown, Twerton, Walcot, Westmoreland, Weston, Widcombe and Lyncombe.

We offer 100% customer satisfaction. Because no client is the same, we provide plenty of value in a way that allows our customers to use us as much as they’d like.

Driving Test Passing Rate in Bath

The UK driving pass rate has been downward for the past ten years. In Bath, Somerset, it has been 48.31% in the last ten years and is expected to drop further in the coming years due to various factors such as demographic changes and increased traffic congestion.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test

This section will explore all the different aspects of driving for newcomers to the area. This is a must-read if you want to pass your test and explore Bath.

There are some of the most famous landmarks that you can visit after your driving test in Bath:

1. The Roman Baths:
The Roman Baths are one of the most popular sites in Bath, Somerset. They have been attracting visitors since they were rediscovered during the 18th century. The site dates back to a time when the Romans were in control of England. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is also a site that has been used for many different purposes throughout history, including as a place of worship and as a healing spa.

2. Bath Abbey:
Bath Abbey is a Gothic Revival building in Bath, Somerset, England. It was designed by the architect John Wood the Younger and built between 1796 and 1814. Bath Abbey is one of the most important landmarks in Bath, as it is one of the most significant examples of Gothic architecture in Britain. It features a tall tower that rises 92 meters (302 ft) above ground level.
The tower houses three sets of bells which are rung every hour by a clockwork mechanism.

3. No. 1 Royal Crescent:
The No. 1 Royal Crescent is the most famous building in Bath, England. It was designed by John Wood the Elder and built between 1767 and 1775. This is a Grade I listed building and has been named one of the best-preserved Georgian houses in Britain. The No. 1 Royal Crescent is often called “The Queen of Buildings” because of its grandeur and elegance, which is also why it is often used as a filming location for period dramas such as Downton Abbey.

4. Pulteney Bridge:
Pulteney Bridge was built in 1774 and is the oldest bridge in Bath. It is a Grade I listed building.
The bridge is one of the city’s most famous landmarks and has been featured in many films, television programs, and advertisements. It crosses the River Avon and is one of the oldest bridges in Bath.

5. Royal Crescent:
Royal Crescent is a Grade I listed building in Bath, Somerset. It was built by John Wood the Elder in 1774 and featured four Corinthian columns on each side of its central frontage. The Royal Crescent has been used as a filming location for many TV shows, films and commercials. The most notable is Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 (2011).

How National Intensive Can Help You Become a Safe Driver

Got a question about driving? Ask the National Intensive team, and we can help you find the perfect driving instructor. National Intensive is an intensive course provider that offers intensive driving lessons in the Bath area, so you get the perfect lessons tailored to your needs. Our lessons are taught by professional driving instructors and give you the knowledge, confidence, and skills to pass your driving test.

National Intensive Can Help You Become a Safe Driver today!

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