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05 / 09 / 22

Intensive Driving Courses in Aberdeen

Do you feel you’re not getting anywhere with your driving lessons, and your friends are too afraid to take the road with you? That’s because driving lessons usually require a lot of time and money. The process can be difficult and time-consuming, from finding the right instructor to being given the right accommodations. It’s not easy for someone to survive independently and across the country alone. With so many different choices and points of contact, it’s hard to know what’s best for you.

Our intensive driving courses in Aberdeen provide you with all the training required to pass your driving test. Our Intensive Driving Courses offer a driving course that helps people learn to drive in just
1-8 weeks with our professional instructors. Whether you are new to driving or have been
driving for years, this course will give you the tools and guidance to become a skilled driver!

With our lessons, you’ll learn from an experienced instructor and master the skills necessary for
safe and effective driving in any environment.

Practical Test Centres in Aberdeen:

The practical centres in Aberdeen are run by experienced staff who provide excellent customer service. They have extensive knowledge of driving laws and regulations, meaning they can provide advice on any questions you might have about your driving licence application.

Where will your driving test be held? There are three practical test centres in Aberdeen:
● Aberdeen North.
● Aberdeen South (Cove).
● Inverurie.

Theory Test Centres in Aberdeen:
Aberdeen’s driving theory test centre is one of the busiest in the UK and Scotland. Driving Theory Test Centres in Aberdeen are responsible for testing drivers based on theory before they are allowed to take their driving test.
The theory test is a crucial exam that can help determine your driving success. If you have not
already passed it, then you’ll want to book a theory test at one of the locations below:
● Aberdeen.
● Peterhead.
● Brechin.
● Huntly.

Driving Test Routes in Aberdeen (North):
Below are the driving test routes in Aberdeen (North) extracted from 6 Point Driving School:
Aberdeen North Test Route 1:

DTC Left

Balgownie Rd Right

Braehead Way EOR left

Scotstown Rd Roundabout right

The Parkway 2 nd left

Woodside Rd Left

Denmore Rd EOR right

B999 Roundabout left

A90 / Potterton Right

Manse Rd Left

Church Rd Right
Manse Rd EOR left

Panmure Gardens EOR left

B999 2 nd right

Shielhill Rd Roundabout left, slip road left, left

Scotstown Rd T/L right

Jesmond Drive 2 nd right

Newburgh Drive EOR left

Jesmond Drive Right
Jesmond Rd EOR right
Jesmond Ave / Valentine Rd EOR left

Whitestripes Ave Roundabout left

The Parkway Right

Balgownie Rd 3 rd right


Aberdeen North Test Route 2:


Balgownie Rd Right

Braehead Way EOR left

Scotstown Rd Roundabout right

The Parkway Roundabout left
Ellon Rd A90 Roundabout ahead, right
Eigie Rd Left

Old Rd EOR left

Eigie Rd 4 th left

Burnside Way Left

Eigie Rd EOR left

North Beach Rd Left

Whitehorse Terrace EOR right

Old Rd EOR left

A90 Ellon Rd Right
B977 To Belhelvie, right, EOR left

B999 To Aberdeen, right, 3 rd right

Greenbrae Drive EOR left

Dubford Rd EOR left

Scotstown Rd T/L ahead, roundabout right

The Parkway Left

Balgownie Rd 3 rd right


Aberdeen North Test Route 3:

Name / Number of Road Direction

DTC EOR left

Balgownie Rd EOR left

The Parkway Roundabout left
Fairview St Left

Fairview Brae EOR left

Laurel Drive Roundabout ahead

Persley Rd EOR right

Whitestripes Rd EOR left

Whitestripes Ave Right

Jesmond Ave North EOR left

Jesmond Ave 10 th left

Jesmond Rd EOR right
Jesmond Drive EOR left

Scotstown Rd Right

Dubford Rd Right

Greenbrae Ave EOR left

Denmore Rd EOR right

Potterton Rd Roundabout right

Ellon Rd Roundabout ahead, T/L right
North Donside Rd 4 th left

Scotstown Rd 2 nd right
Balgownie Rd 4 th left



Aberdeen Driving Test Pass Rates:
Compared to other large cities across the UK and Scotland, Aberdeen’s passing rate is significantly higher than the national average, with the city sitting at a 60% passing rate. Aberdeen North has a pass rate of 62.9%, and Aberdeen South (Cove) in Gateway Business Park has a pass rate of 57%. Compared to the national average, these testing centres have higher rates than other similar testing centres within the UK and Scotland. The closest test centres to Aberdeen are Inverurie with 69.2%, Peterhead with 67.8% and Huntly with 62.7%. All
these have fantastic pass rates but are harder to get to and harder to get tests arranged.

Landmarks to Visit After Passing Your Driving Test
The first step to a new life is getting your driving license. It’s the key to freedom, independence, and the ability to get around easily and safely. But what’s next? After you’ve passed your driving test in Aberdeen, you must visit these landmarks in the area. They’re places that will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something big and are ready for more:

  1. Aberdeen Maritime Museum:
    The Aberdeen Maritime Museum is a museum located in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland. It was opened in 1997 and housed a collection of maritime history. This museum displays the history of Aberdeen’s maritime industry, which was once one of Europe’s largest. It has an impressive collection of maritime artefacts, including ships’ figureheads and other maritime paraphernalia.
  1. Footdee (Fittie):
    Footdee (Fittie) is an old fishing village on the east end of Aberdeen Harbour. It’s located on a steep hillside with views across the bay from its high point above sea level to South Kincaid. It is home to the famous Fittie lighthouse and Britain’s first recorded oil discovery.
  2. Duthie Park Winter Gardens:
    Duthie Park Winter Gardens is where you can see the beauty of nature in the city and
    enjoy time with your loved ones. This place is perfect for those who want to spend time with their family or friends over the weekend or during holidays. The best part of this place is that it is free and there are no entrance fees. You just have to find a way to get there.
  3. Slains Castle:
    Slains Castle was built in 1597 by the 9th Earl of Erroll and is now open to the public for tours. It was designed by architect John Smith and is located on the sea cliff close to what is now the village of Cruden Bay. The castle has been renovated over time, and now it has a lot of interesting features that give visitors an idea about how people used to live during that period.
  4. The Gordon Highlanders Museum:
    The Gordon Highlanders Museum traces its roots back to 1794, when members of The Gordon Highlanders Regiment founded it. The museum was opened in 1997 and featured a collection of over 100 artefacts from Aberdeen’s maritime past. The museum displays items belonging to soldiers who fought in World War One, World War Two, and other historical conflicts.
    How Can National Intensive Help You Become a Safe Driver?
    National Intensive offers affordable and affordable intensive driving lessons in Aberdeen that help you become a skilled driver quickly. You can learn all the road rules and drive safely with our 1-8 weeks driving courses. Start your road to success today with National Intensive’s driving course! Whether you want to pass your test the first time or get your license sooner, this is the perfect choice for you! Become a safe driver in just a few days, without driving long distances or taking too much of your time.
    Sign up for National Intensive’s intensive driving lessons and learn how to drive safely

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