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29 / 06 / 21

How To Prepare For Your Practical Driving Test

Every learner driver looks forward to the day when they can finally take off their L plates and drive off in their car by themselves. Unfortunately, when it comes to the test day, many learners fail to correctly prepare themselves.

Making these rooky errors during the test, when you know that you can drive perfectly during your intensive course, is incredibly frustrating. Understanding how to best prepare for your practical driving test could be the difference between a pass and a fail. To help you, here are our tips and tricks for preparing for the big day.

Know your test route

If you have a driving test booked, you should know which test centre you will be taking it from. If possible, you should try to drive around the route that your test centre is most likely to use during their tests. This will help you to familiarise yourself with any potential hazards that may appear during your test. It may also be a good idea to complete some intensive driving lessons around your test route before the big day so that you are fully prepared.

Have recap lessons

Too many learners make the mistake of leaving a huge gap between their driving lessons and their practical test. This can lead to them being out of practice with driving and forgetting some of the crucial rules of the road. Even if you become fully confident driver weeks (or even months) before your test, you should continue to drive regularly. If continuing with weekly lessons is not an option, you could consider intensive driving lessons.

Intensive driving lessons are often crammed into the space of just a few days or a week and are a great way to recap everything that you will have learned in your regular lessons before your test. Intensive driving will also ensure that you are prepared for anything that may pop up in your test and could help you to feel more confident.

Know your vehicle

Most of the time, learners will be able to choose to drive their instructor’s vehicle or their own vehicle during the test. Whichever car you choose to use, you should familiarise yourself with it before the day of your test arrives.

Undergoing intensive driving in whichever vehicle you will be using, before your test arrives, is the best way to familiarise yourself with the car. Take the car out regularly and try to use all of its features so that you can be certain of where they are and what they do.

If intensive driving sounds like the best option for you, we offer some brilliant intensive driving packages that have helped hundreds of learners ace their tests! We firmly believe that you can never be too prepared, and intensive driving is the best way to get all of the practice that you need. Book your intensive lessons today!


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