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11 / 04 / 24

How To Safely Turn Left From a Major To Minor Road

Welcome to today’s online driving lesson where we will focus on how to turn left from a major road to a minor road, emphasizing the MSPSL routine. This online lesson is designed to guide beginner drivers through the process of making a safe and effective left turn, which is a crucial skill for navigating roads confidently. This lesson plan is approved by one of our grade A ADI’S! Let’s dive in.


By the end of this online lesson, learners will be able to understand what you will do in the car when you take this lesson for real:

  1. Understand and apply the MSPSL routine effectively.
  2. Identify what to look out for before making a left turn from a major to a minor road.
  3. Know which gears to use for turning left safely.


Introduction to MSPSL Routine

  • Mirror: Check all mirrors to assess the speed and position of following traffic.
  • Signal: Signal left well in advance before reaching the turning point.
  • Position: Position the vehicle on the left side of the lane, ensuring it’s safe and appropriate to do so.
  • Speed: Reduce speed in good time and select the appropriate gear for turning.
  • Look: Look into the road you are turning into for any immediate hazards.

Activity 1: Observation and Signal

  • Check mirrors and signalling intentions to turn left. Typically, you would check the interior centre & left door mirror.
  • Understand the importance of early signalling and how it affects other road users – Signal early to let people around you know what you intend, but not too early to confuse people of your intentions.

Activity 2: Positioning and Speed Control

  • You will be positioning the car on the left side of the lane before making a turn. Normally around 1 meter from the kerb.
  • Speed control and gear selection. Reduce speed using the brake gently (down to a jogging speed) and select 2nd gear for most left turns from a major to a minor road. If the turn is particularly sharp or into a very narrow road, 1st gear may be more appropriate as you will be down to a walking speed.

What to Look Out For Before Turning Left

  • Pedestrians crossing or about to cross the minor road.
  • Bicycles, e-scooters and motorcycles that may be filtering on the left, particularly in your left door mirror
  • Oncoming vehicles that may be turning into the same minor road from the opposite side.
  • Any road markings or signs that could affect your turn.

Activity 3: The Turn

  • You will Practice the complete MSPSL routine with emphasis on looking into the road before turning.
  • Also, you will practice turning into a minor road from a major road, initially in a low-traffic area or simulation if possible.
  • Repeat the activity, increasing complexity by introducing real-world scenarios.

Reflection and Feedback

  • Once you have practices this, you will discuss experiences and challenges faced during the practice.
  • You will provide feedback on the application of the MSPSL routine and gear selection.


Turning left from a major road to a minor road is a fundamental driving skill that requires practice and precision. By following the MSPSL routine and being vigilant of the surroundings, learners can ensure a safe and smooth turn. Remember, practice makes perfect, so take every opportunity to refine these skills under various driving conditions.


  • Reflect on today’s lesson and write down any areas of difficulty or questions you have.
  • If possible, practice the MSPSL routine in a safe, low-traffic area under supervision.

Remember, the key to mastering driving is consistency and mindfulness. Your National Intensive driving instructor will teach you all of these fundamentals when you are learning to drive. Happy driving!



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