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24 / 01 / 24

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive?

How long does it take to learn to drive?

When learner drivers contact us, the most common question we get is ‘how quickly can I learn to drive?’ Learning to drive could open a variety of new doors for everyone, and nowadays it is often a requirement for job hunting. We understand that once you’re in the mindset that you want your licence, you want to start as quickly as possible and get lessons over and done with.
Fortunately, here at National Intensive we offer intensive courses so that all lessons can be done over a one to two week period, with your test at the end of the course. Our estimated completion (test) dates depend on availability of instructors and waiting times for tests. Since the pandemic, the waiting times for tests have significantly increased and in some areas there can be an average wait of 20 weeks. Despite this, we do work off of cancellations, so chances are we will find you an earlier test date than you would simply searching the DVSA website.

Can I really learn to drive over 1-2 weeks?

This is absolutely possible! Learning to drive definitely isn’t easy, so we always recommend booking time off work, or at least make sure you’ve got enough time before and after your lessons to take a breather.

Our intensive courses are normally completed with 3-6 hours per day, over a period of 1-2 weeks. For complete beginner learner drivers, we recommend our 37.5 hour course. This means this course could be completed in as little as 6 days! This can be a very realistic time scale, as long as you prepare and have the time to do so. 

Normally you need to book your intensive driving course a few months before you’re wanting to take the practical driving test. This is simply because of the huge backlog caused by the pandemic, which unfortunately is out of our control.

Could I just learn to drive the ‘traditional way’, by having one lesson per week?

You absolutely could, however with having the recommended 40 lessons to be ready for a test, this would take you 40 weeks (9.2 months!) which is quite a long time, especially if you’re eager to get out on the open road. Intensive courses are aimed at people who want to learn quickly – you are taught the exact same topics you would cover in ‘normal’ driving lessons – the only difference is, the time is accelerated.

I don’t think I could afford an intensive course…

Fear not, we understand that having the deposit of your course come out of your bank account might not be that appealing – this is why we have introduced our payment plans which cover the whole cost of the course. This is an interest free, no credit check and 100% acceptance way to pay for your driving course. We also accept Klarna and ClearPay – for the deposit of the course only – although to use these you will have to have built up a credit score. More information on our ways to pay by instalments can be seen here.

I don’t think I have the time to complete an intensive course?

We understand that not everyone can just free up two weeks of their schedule to complete a driving course – this is why we also offer semi intensive courses. You can select your preference of how long you’d like to complete your course over on the booking form. Whilst our instructors are flexible around your personal schedule, sometimes it’s just not possible to fit in 3-6 hours of lessons per day. Learning to drive is tiring, and trying to slot lessons in around work or school could make you tired, which means you might not get as much out of your lessons as you could. If you’re trying to arrange an intensive course around work/school/university, have a think if semi intensive might be more suitable for you. Semi Intensive Courses are still completed faster than the traditional one hour a week lessons, as they are normally completed with 3-6 hours per week.




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