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21 / 03 / 22

How do I revise for the Theory Test?

How do I revise for the Theory Test?

The theory test is a crucial part in getting your full driving licence. For some people, it’s actually the first step in starting their driving journey; especially for nervous drivers. Taking the theory test before you start your driving lessons means that you’ll go into your lessons with knowledge about driving already – such as road signs, stopping distances etc.

To pass the theory test, you need to score at least 43 out of 50 on the multiple choice section, and at least 44 out of 75 on the hazard perception. You have to pass both parts of the theory test in the same test to pass the theory test.

Here at National Intensive, we like to get the theory test out of the way first – so, unless you’ve already passed your theory test, you need to think about getting ready for this when booking one of our courses. Revising for the theory test can feel like a chore, but you actually learn lots of useful things that you can put into practice when out on the road with an instructor.

People often think that the theory test is simply common knowledge, and that you can pass it for the first time without any revision (I myself was one of these people!) The actual fact is that revising for the theory test is crucial. The theory test contains two sections; the multiple choice, and the hazard perception. Both of these parts contain a broad range of subjects, which without revision, the ‘normal’ person wouldn’t know about. Of course, if you’ve had a motorcycle licence, or if you’re an avid cyclist, then you might know more about the rules of the road.

Should I take the theory test before or after driving lessons?

When booking a course with National Intensive, the theory test is normally done first. This is because, as an intensive course provider, we want to get you your full driving licence as quickly as possible. Without your theory passed, we cannot book you a practical test. Normally, the waiting times are the largest for practical tests, so passing your theory test as quickly as possible is ideal. We understand that you might not pass the first time (sometimes we do let nerves get the better of us!) so passing sooner rather than later is more efficient.

How long should I spend revising?

It is recommended that you spend at least 20 hours revising for the theory test – this may seem like a lot, but if you do an hour each evening for a month, you will be well over this recommended time. Obviously, for some people it might not take as long, but for some people it might take longer. It just depends on how quickly you pick things up. There are lots of topics you have to learn for the theory test, so even if you’re an experienced learner driver that’s had lots of driving lessons, there are likely still things you need to learn. 

What tools are there to help me revise for the Theory Test?

Revising on your own can be boring, unmotivating and easily ignored. This is why we began to offer our online theory workshop. This workshop is completed online, and is 2.5 hours long. The instructor goes through the toughest topics and questions that can occur in the theory test, as well as holding a Q&A session at the end to give you a chance to ask whatever questions you might have about the theory test. This can be booked alongside one of our driving courses, or on it’s own. Lots of our pupils have found this very helpful in passing the theory test first time. We also give you access to Theory Test Pro, so that you can revise in your own time, too!

Highway Code Test

This website is an amazing free way to revise – the only downside is there are lots of adverts. If you have the patience to scroll past them, then you will be fine! This source has 156 questions for you to go through, and it shows you the answer too! The questions are worded similarly to how they will be worded in the actual theory test.

‘Safe Driving for Life’ 

Safe Driving for Life is a government run website where you can run through practice theory tests. You can practice both the multiple choice section, as well as the hazard perception. This is a free service, although to get access to all questions and hazard perception videos, you would need to subscribe – for 30 days of access, the price is £15.


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