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24 / 08 / 20

Four common driving test misconceptions

If you are considering taking driving lessons, no doubt family and friends will be filling your mind with worries and concerns about taking your driving test. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths that people believe about driving tests, so it is important you don’t let these misconceptions knock your confidence. Below we debunk four common driving test misconceptions.

1. There is a limit to how many people an examiner can pass

Some people believe that examiners have a daily or weekly limit to how many people they can pass and recommend you take your test in the morning or at the start of the week. This, however, is entirely false. A driving examiner will only fail you if you do not meet the requirements of the test.

2. You will fail if you stall your car

It is a common misconception that if you stall your car it will result in an instant failure. This is untrue. If you repeatedly stall your car or you stall whilst pulling into a major junction you may fail your test, but one incident of stalling does not result in an instant failure.

3. Drive slower than usual

You may be given the advice to drive slower than usual on your driving test, to ensure you do not make any mistakes. This, however, could result in you failing your test as driving significantly under the speed limit may make an instructor think you don’t understand speed limits and will not, therefore, be a safe driver.

4. You will fail your test if you go the wrong way

If you accidentally do not follow the directions your instructor has given you, it does not mean you will fail your test. Providing you do not create a dangerous situation by turning the wrong way, just stay calm and your instructor will provide new directions. It is much better to turn the wrong way than to do a last-minute turn.

Now we’ve debunked these common driving test myths, you are ready to take your lessons! If you are interested in an intensive driving course, contact Nationwide today!


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