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  • Lockdown Update (for new customers)

    Lockdown restrictions:
    Driving lessons have resumed from the 12th April 2021. Our current completion dates shown on the website are only provisional and could change if the government announce any further lockdown restrictions locally or nationally. If this does happen – all courses will be rescheduled for the nearest date possible by our team. All courses can be booked online but you can call us for any questions and dial option 1.

  • COVID-19 Update (for ongoing courses)

    We are extremely busy at the moment, so we would advise to email us (response time is normally same day during our working hours), rather than call and wait on hold, if you require an urgent update. You can also speak to your instructor directly who can keep you informed of the situation in your area.

    We do not want to frustrate you any further and so a quick email will resolve most issues and save you time.

  • What is an Intensive course and how do these courses work?

    Intensive driving courses are a growing and more popular alternative to the traditional approach of having 1 lesson per week over 6 to 12 months. It is far more suitable for many people than you may realise, and more and more instructors are embracing this too.

    Once a deposit has been paid, National Intensive will search our network of local instructors and will allocate you to our most suitable driving instructor. Once we have allocated you, he/she will call you will agree on a start date, and plan in most, if not all of your lessons on the initial call.

    The instructor picks you up from your chosen pick up point every day.

    The in-car training would be completed in the vehicle, usually 3-6 hours per day.

    We aim to be flexible so if you cannot agree on a schedule, you can contact us and we will allocate another driving instructor.

    The in-car training with an intensive driving course continues daily to use your tuition hours up, and you will sit your test at the end of the course.

    The final 90 minutes of all standard driving test courses are for hiring the car to take the driving test using the driving instructor’s vehicle. The DVSA do not provide cars so you will need to use your driving instructor’s vehicle.

    If you require a theory test and revision too, see our below section.

    Note: Please do not book any time off work until you have spoken and agreed on the dates and times with your instructor.

  • What size of intensive driving courses do you offer?

    QUICK COURSE – 5 HOURS with test

    Handy for those who:

    * Failed a test recently but did well and need a quick re-test.
    * Have driven illegally / been banned and need a brush up on key skills and a quick test.
    * Or have completed almost everything as a learner driver but need a quick test.

    QUICK COURSE – 10 HOURS with test

    This course is aimed at people who are not far off an overall safe standard. Ideal if:

    * You failed recently but did ok on test and need a quick re-test.
    * You have done a lot of driving lessons and have had professional advice that you are close to test standard.
    * You have been at test standard or took a test in the past 12 months but not driven recently.

    QUICK COURSE – 15 HOURS with test

    This course is for learners who have good control of the vehicle but require improvement on Manoeuvres and complicated traffic systems. Ideal if you have had 20 or more lessons off an instructor in the recent past, or are not too far off an overall good standard of driving with the practice you have had. Also Ideal for those who were at test standard but who haven’t driven in a year or two.

    DRIVING COURSE – 20 HOURS with test

    This course for pupils with safe basic control of the vehicle and have attempted some manoeuvres. Ideal for those who have:

    * Had 15 – 20 lessons in the past?
    * Driven years ago but stopped?
    * Learned only basic reversing or none at all?

    DRIVING COURSE – 25 HOURS with test

    This course is suitable for pupils who have had a little driving experience. Ideal for those who have:

    * Had 10 – 15 hours of driving lessons in the past?
    * Driven years ago and stopped?
    * Can move off, stop and safely change gears, approach junctions reasonably safely? If any of the above applies you should be able to take this course.

    DRIVING COURSE – 30 HOURS with test
    For pupils who can move off and stop the vehicle using the Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre routine and have okay steering control, or really confident beginners only.

    BEGINNERS COURSE – 35 HOURS – 45 Hours with test
    These courses starting at 35 hours are designed for the average learner who learns co-ordination based skills reasonably well and have very little or no experience behind the wheel.

    Add more hours to make it 40 if you have a little less confidence with no experience behind the wheel.

    For even more peace of mind, the 45 hour option is designed for anybody who knows that driving may not come to them naturally and want as much time as possible behind the wheel.

    ASSESSMENT DAY 5 HRS (No test)

    All the benefits of a 1 day driving course without the pressure of having to take the test at the end. Ideal for those who want training and a thorough assessment of their driving by one of our fully qualified driving instructors, prior to booking more lessons and the practical test.

    PASS PLUS (no test)

    Pass plus is about gaining more advanced experience, for example on motorways and in more challenging situations you may not have faced on your regular driving lessons, such as night driving, bad weather, country roads and motorway driving.

    The Pass plus 6 hour course is £210 and can be booked when booking your driving course. Discounts with your car insurance company may be available once have completed this course

  • Do you help with theory revision?

    We offer Zoom Theory Training Courses, from the comfort of your own home! You will be shown the most difficult topics & questions by a qualified driving instructor. For more info, click this link –

    We can offer you FREE access to the premium version of the theory test pro website, on purchasing a driving course so you can study online at home or on the go, using your smartphone app or the theory test pro website.

     Customers who wish to use this service can subscribe once a course is booked through the link at the end of the booking process.

    Our driving instructors will be happy to assist with the theory in the car too if you need help with anything, just ask!

     We can go through more complex questions with you, which will boost your chances of passing the theory test when you take it.

    It would take us hours and hours to cover everything once, so that is why we give you discounted access to the revision website and Smartphone Application if required.




  • What if I fail my theory test?

    The driving instructor will continue with your practical lessons as scheduled and get you up to the best possible driving standard within the hours booked, we will then either book the theory retest for you again (£35, includes cancellation finding service) for late in the same week (if possible) or the following week, it all depends on local theory test availability.

    If you would prefer, for £25 you can rebook it yourself on the standard waiting list on GOV.UK, and check for cancellations yourself, and we will await you to contact us once you have passed the theory.

    You have to wait 2 clear working days if you fail a theory test before you can take another one.

    The driving instructor will normally save the final few hours to finish off the practical lessons once the theory is passed if necessary.

    If you are at a safe standard and can take your driving test once the theory is passed, we will book your practical test for you as soon as you pass the 2nd theory test.

  • What if I fail the practical test?

    If you are unlucky or just make one silly error with just a few minor fault’s then you will be able to rebook.

    The DVSA allow another test to be sat only after 10 working days have passed, so you can rebook immediately sit a retest as soon as on the 10th working day.

    You probably will only need to arrange a few hour’s practice prior to the second test.

    If you fail with lots of minor faults or more than one serious or dangerous fault, then it may be necessary for you to evaluate your driving skills and book extra training before considering another test attempt.

    Learning to drive is expensive to most people, but it is ridiculously more expensive if you keep going in for practical tests when you aren’t ready.

    We do offer retest courses at a discount price, so if you are unlucky, we will try to lower the cost to you by knocking off £62 from the cost of a 5-hour retest course, effectively making the test fee free that has to be paid to the DVSA.

  • Do you offer a 'guaranteed pass' course, OR free retest?

    I’m afraid nobody can 100% guarantee you will pass a test first time, we just charge you for 1 theory test (if booked) and 1 driving test in your initial payment.  Some companies may offer ‘free’ retests or something similar, but you’ll generally pay more in the initial payment, then they will pay for extra tests if needed. Some companies may offer 1, some may offer unlimited free retests, with strict terms and conditions you have to abide by.

    We have a good pass rate so most customers wouldn’t benefit from a more expensive ‘guaranteed pass’ type course.

    If you fail either theory or practical test 1st time we will book you the quickest possible retest so that you can continue your course.


    We do offer retest courses at a discount price, so if you are unlucky, we will try to lower the cost to you by knocking off £62 from the cost of a 5-hour retest course, effectively making the test fee free.

  • Where are you based?

    Our calls are taken at our office in Greater Manchester, but we have many instructors nationwide, registered to teach courses for us, who offer a door to door service from your home, college or work. In Central London and some highly congested areas of the UK we sometimes have to agree on a meeting point if travel becomes an issue to the instructor.

  • Are your instructors fully qualified?

    All of our course instructors have qualified as ADI instructors, we will not provide you with a trainee or unqualified instructor. All driving instructors are CRB / DBS checked every time they renew their ‘green badge’

  • Can I realistically pass in one week?

    Yes! (however, its alot more challenging currently due to the backlog)

    We will allocate a driving instructor, who will arrange a lessons schedule, keeping 2-3 hours back for the day of your driving test.

  • I have passed my theory test, is it cheaper?

    If you have passed your theory test then you will not have to pay the theory test fee when booking.

  • Do I have to pay extra for my test day?

    National Intensive driving courses are all-inclusive and so there will be NO additional charge, unless you go over the number of hours that you originally booked in.

    If you do go over the amount of hours you originally planned, then you and your instructor will agree on the extra costs in advance.

  • How do I go about booking the course and how do I pay?

    You can call us for any general enquiries, we would be delighted if you need any assistance to provide this, then to book you can BOOK ONLINE 24/7 using the booking form. You can email us a query out of hours too, 24 hours per day, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    To secure a course we require a deposit before the course begins. Payments are made on the online booking form with a debit or credit card, securely through Barclaycard’s and Stripe payment gateway, or we can email you an invoice to pay the same way via the above methods or using a bank transfer.

    If you are sending an international banking payment please email or call us if you require the IBAN number.

  • Are deposits fully refundable?

    In the small chance we cannot fulfil your booking by allocating you to a local driving instructor or if you haven’t been allocated previously then deposits are 100% refundable.

  • How to amend your booking details

    If you need to correct your name, address, contact details, Date of Birth etc, you can access your booked course here to update your details:

    My Booking

  • What if I need to make a complaint?

    We take complaints seriously and so if we have fallen below the standard expected, please visit the terms and conditions page.

    At the bottom of this page, there is a simple email form, which will go to our manager, who will investigate the issue for you and contact you as soon as possible with a resolution.

  • And Finally

    These are some of the most asked questions, but if you would like to call us and ask a few more then please don’t hesitate!

    If we are out of our normal working hours, please email us and we will respond in the morning, as soon as possible!