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Driving Fines you didn't know of

14 / 07 / 22

Driving Fines you didn’t know of

To drive on UK roads, you have to pass both the theory and practical driving test. This means you should have a good understanding of the Highway Code, and the laws of the road that you need to abide by. However, as time passes, even the best of drivers get comfortable and let their standards slip.

There are some common bad habits that people pick up, especially if you passed your driving test a while ago. You might also get complacent with your car, and not feel the need to have it regularly serviced etc. In this blog, we discuss the driving fines you didn’t know were a thing – which could help you save over £1,000, or even save you getting banned from driving!


1. Splashing pedestrians

Splashing pedestrians might seem like a fun idea, especially in the summer months when it’s warm. However, this can land you up to a £5000 fine. Normally, this irresponsible behaviour is handed a £100 fixed penalty notice (FPN) unless the issue went you court.

2. Warning other drivers of a temporary speed camera

Passing a temporary speed camera and warning other drivers is classed as obstructing the police. Means of warning could be posting it on your local Facebook group page, flashing other drivers heading towards the camera, or beeping your horn. This could land you with a fine of £1,000.

3. Using an ‘unsecured’ sat nav

A lot of newer cars have build in sat-navs, however most older cars do not due to the technology. Having a sat nav can help greatly, especially nowadays when physical maps are not used much, and roads are much more confusing. Using an unsecured sat nav (mobile phone) which is not in a proper holder could land you a £200 fine and 6 penalty points. This is the same fine you would get from using a mobile phone when driving. So, when using your phone for a sat nav, make sure it’s in a proper holder (these can be purchased from Amazon) and that the holder isn’t obstructing your view whilst driving, as this can land you 3 penalty points.

4. Dirty Numberplate

A lot of people let their car get dirty before washing, especially in the winter months when cars get dirty very quickly. However, having a dirty numberplate (where the dirt makes the plate unreadable) will mean ANPR cameras and other people would struggle to pick your numberplate up. This could mean, for example, speeding fines could not be issued correctly. Having a dirty plate can land you a fine of up to £1,000. Similarly, you could land the same fine if you’re driving at night and your numberplate light isn’t working; this would be for the same reasons as having a dirty numberplate. Your numberplate needs to be readable at all times.

5. Sounding your horn

Sounding your horn is illegal unless you’re alerting another driver of a danger. This could be an obstruction in the road, etc. Sounding your horn is also illegal in areas where there are street lights and a 30mph limit after the hours of 11:30pm and before 7am.

6. Driving ‘without due care and attention’

This fine covers a multitude of things, and they can actually get you banned from driving! This can include driving too close to another vehicle, colliding with a pedestrian, overtaking on the inside lane, and eating whilst driving!

Driving with pets

Sometimes taking your pets with you in the car is necessary – such as taking them on holiday, taking them to the vets etc. However, you need to ensure both you and the pet and safe and secure.

If your pet causes you a distraction whilst driving, you could be fine £1,000 and get 3 penalty points. The Highway Code says that animals must be ‘suitably restrained’ – good ways to restrain animals are a seatbelt harness, dog cage, dog guard or pet carrier.

There are lots of small things that you need to think about whilst driving – some of them seem silly, but the Highway Code is in place for a reason.



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