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Bumper Finance Available On All Courses More Info

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Retest Course


5-hour course – Recommended for someone who has recently failed a driving test on something minor, or has driven illegally and just requires a quick brush-up of skills before the test. This course would also be suitable for someone that has been told they are test-ready and are looking for a quicker test date, or someone that has been banned from driving and needs to retake their test. This course can only be completed intensively, normally over 1-2 days, in the days leading up to your driving test.

Intensive Driving

5-Hour Retest Courses are only available to be completed intensively, generally the course takes 1-2 days to complete and a full lesson schedule will be arranged with the driving instructor that we allocate in your local area, you can choose to do from 3-5 hours per day.

Upgrade your course to 7.5 hours when booking, because 2.5 hours are kept back for the day of your test day (1 hour before test, the test itself and then de-brief and finally getting home)

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