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10 / 09 / 22

Changes To Full Payments

Important Update:

To All Driving Instructors,

We have had to make some changes to the way we pay our driving instructors when we are paid in full by the customer, we have decided to pay 50% after the first lesson is completed and 50% when half of the lessons have been completed. Both milestones will be confirmed by the pupil, the reason for the change is a lot of driving instructors are taking full payment for courses and taking months to complete the lessons and we are the ones who get the complaints/bank disputes and refund requests. So, to protect all involved we believe the fairest way to pay instructors when the course is a full payment course, is to make the payment in 2 stages as mentioned above.

Some instructors might not be happy with the change, but unfortunately, we have to make sure courses are being completed within a reasonable timeframe.
When requesting payment for full payments going forward, you do this as normal within your “My Claimed Courses” and it will advise you how the 50/50% split works. You will also be advised when claiming any new full payment courses.

If anyone is confused what we mean by Full Payment Courses, we mean the customer has paid us in full, so we are responsible in paying the driving instructor. Please email adi@nationalintensive.com if you have any further questions


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