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12 / 02 / 24

Book Early For Easter 2024!

Booking your intensive driving course now for Easter is a wise and strategic move to ensure you secure your spot amidst the high demand for lessons during this season. We here at National Intensive offer a range of intensive and semi-intensive driving courses tailored to meet the needs of learner drivers across England, Scotland, and Wales, ensuring a comprehensive coverage and convenience for students nationwide​​!

With an impressive overall pass rate of 83%, which is significantly higher than the national average, National Intensive prides itself on its ability to deliver quality driving instruction that prepares students for success on the road. Our courses are designed to cater to all levels of experience, from complete beginners to those who need a refresher or a few hours of practice before their test​​.

One of the key benefits of booking your intensive driving course with National Intensive, especially now for around Easter, is our ability to navigate the seasonal availability issues. The standard waiting list for a driving test can be as long as 6 months, but National Intensive offers a service to bring this forward by up to 8 weeks for an additional cost. This option is particularly valuable during high-demand periods like Easter when waiting times can increase. If a sooner test date cannot be secured, the extra fee paid for this service is fully refundable, providing peace of mind and flexibility​​.

National Intensive’s courses are comprehensive, covering all aspects of driving. They offer both theory and practical test bookings, intensive driving lessons, semi-intensive lessons, and even a Zoom Theory Workshop to prepare students for the theory test. This holistic approach ensures our students are well-prepared, not just for the driving test, but for a lifetime of safe driving. For those looking to enhance their driving skills further, the Pass Plus course covers advanced driving situations such as motorways and night-time driving​​.

Moreover, we understand the importance of convenience for our students, offering home pickup and drop-off services. This flexibility is invaluable for learners who may have tight schedules or specific needs regarding their lesson timings​​ over Easter.

Given the tailored approach to driving instruction and the high demand for driving courses during the Easter period, it’s advisable to book your course well in advance. This ensures you can secure a spot that fits your schedule and allows ample time for preparation, both for the theory and practical aspects of driving. National Intensive’s commitment to quality instruction and student success makes them a top choice for learners seeking an intensive driving course during the Easter season or any other time of the year.

For more details on course offerings, availability, and booking procedures, feel free to call or email us, our customer service staff provide comprehensive information and resources to get started on your driving journey​​​​​​.


Best of luck!


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