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13 / 02 / 20

3 ways an intensive driving course reduces stress

It can be extremely rewarding to learn to drive. However, preparing for a driving test can also be rather stressful – especially when it feels like a never-ending process. This is why more and more people are ditching weekly lessons and undertaking intensive driving courses. The final outcome is that learners aren’t only able to earn their goals, but can do it without succumbing to any undue stress in the process. Let’s look at three ways an intensive driving course removes the stress from getting to their goals.




You will get more value for your money when you undertake an intensive driving course. This is because there’s no wasted time – something that can’t be said for weekly lessons. After all, each hour will actually be spent on the road as opposed to devoting time to getting picked up, adjusting your seat and getting dropped off in the space of just 60 minutes. This will mean you don’t have to worry about if you’re getting good value for your hard-earned money.



One of the most frustrating things about weekly lessons is struggling to withhold information from one lesson to another. In some cases it can actually make you dread getting behind the wheel! Of course, such stressful circumstances aren’t something you’ll experience when completing an intensive driving course. Instead, you’ll have plenty of time to learn a new skill and practise it before moving on.



An intensive driving course can be over and done within the space of a single week. This is a most convenient timeframe, particularly when you consider that the average person requires 45 hours of lessons to learn to drive. It can be extremely stressful to put aside time each week for lessons, especially when you never know when you’ll be ready to sit your test.


Are you interested?

You’re right to have your head turned by the prospect of an intensive driving course when learning to drive because it really can take the stress out of learning to drive. If you’re after finding a driving school with a great pass-rate, be sure to visit National Intensive.


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